(By this time, Wander, Sylvia, Maddie, Lily, and Shine are part of The Wandering Group. Maddie and Lily went out in search of more members. Maddie finds her zbornak, Dan)

Maddie: Hey, Dan!

Dan: (turns) Yeah, Princess?

Maddie: We've started a wandering group, and I was wondering if you want to join it.

Dan: A wandering group...(thinks)..sure! I'll come!

Maddie: Awesome!!

(Meanwhile, Lily finds Dash)

Lily: Dash!

Dash: Hi, Lily!

Lily: My sister started a wandering group, you wanna join it? I'm already in it.

Dash: Ok! This'll be fun! (smiles)

(Later, the whole wandering team came together. The Wandering Group now contains Wander, Sylvia, Maddie, Dan, Lily, Shine, and Dash)

Wander: We're SO happy we're able to have seven members in this wandering group! As The Wandering Group, we will travel the galaxy, sticking together and helping people.

Dan: Sounds like a good plan! (smiles)

Wander: Ok..we'll leave right now!

(Everyone gets out Orbal Transporter. Wander, Dash, and Sylvia get in their bubble, Maddie Lily, and Shine get on Dan and they make another bubble)

Shine: Hey..what's this symbol mean? (holds the blanket under Dan's saddle. It's the two arrows forming an X, the symbol of friendship)

Maddie: That's the two arrows forming an X meaning friendship. (smiles)

Shine: Ooh..

(The friends continue along. Maddie and Lily's parents wave goodbye. Now they are off the planet. The zbornks walk in the Orbal Transporter, then they come to a planet)

Lily: Whoa..this planet looks amazing...

Wander: It is! Let's check it out! (The friends go down to the planet and land)

Sylvia: I say we go explore that forest over there.

Maddie: Or that field. (points to a field)

Dash: (thinks) What about that? (points to something that looks kinda like a waterfall)

Shine: Good thinking, Dash! Let's go there, first!

(They walk over to the waterfall)

Maddie: This is amazing!

(Everyone agrees)

Dan: Hey, guys! Watch this! (jumps from the cliff-like ledge and into the water. He comes up to the surface) Ta da!

(Everyone claps. Wander spots a vine)

Wander: Guys! Over there! (walks over to the vine and swings off of it into the water)

Maddie: Hey, Wander! Wait for me! (Maddie swings off the vine after him)

Lily: Maddie! Wait up!

Shine: Don't leave me behind!

Dash: I gotta try this!

Sylvia: Wait for me, you guys!

(After they swing off the vine into the water one by one, the spend most of the day swimming, splashing water at each other, and other water stuff)

Shine: Hey, Maddie!

Maddie: Yeah? (Shine splashes water in her face) Hey! (splashes water in her face)

Maddie and Shine: (laugh)

Lily: I gotta join in on this! (splashes water at both of them)

Maddie and Shine; Lily! (both splash Lily)

Lily: (laughs)

Wander: PIG PILE!!!! (jumps on Maddie, Shine, and Lily. The water is shallow where they were standing, so they didn't drown or anything)

Dan: Good idea! (jumps on Wander, and Sylvia jumps on Dan)

Wander: Put the cherry on top, Dash!

Dash: (jumps on Sylvia)

(Everyone laughs)

(Before the friends knew it, the sun started to set)

Maddie: (looks around) Let's camp in a tree tonight.

(They climb up in a tree and sleep on separate branches. Wander and Maddie slept with their zbornaks, though)

Wander: Night, everyone!

Maddie: Night, Wander!

Dan: Night, Maddie!

Lily: Night, Dash!

Dash: Night, Dan!

Shine: Night, Lily!

Sylvia: Night, Shine!

Wander: Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!

(Everyone laughs and they go to sleep on their branches)

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