(Maddie is seen riding dan playing her electric guitar)

Maddie: (plays electric guitar. She is then swooped off of Dan and Dan is shocked and doesn't know where she went. Her electric is seen just laying on the ground and Dan starts to get scared.)

Dan: Uhh....Maddie? Where did you go?

Maddie: (opens her eyes and see a handsome creature looking down on her. She then realizes she is being dipped by him. Dipped as in the dance move.)

Creature: Hey!

Maddie: (creature comes into focus for her. She sees a cute (as in handsome) creature who looks sort of like Wander, but he's not wearing a hat. He's a white/tan color with long black hair.)

Maddie: Uhhh...hi.

Creature: I'm Shane. Your name?

Maddie: I'm Maddie. (confused)

Shane: I was just going to go to the Deli. Wanna come with me?

Maddie: (can't think of a way to say no) Do you have any Orbal Transporter juice?

Shane: Of coarse! (takes out a whole belt of it) Let's go!

Maddie: (pushes away) Uhhh actually....I...

Shane: What? You taken?

Maddie: (blurts) YES!!

Shane: Who's the guy?

Maddie: (mutters) guessing...

Shane: Your guessing? Ok...ummm....are you taken or not??

Maddie: (is honest) No...

Shane: Ok then...let's go to the Deli! (starts walking. But Maddie doesn't follow him) Uhhh....are you coming or what?

Maddie: Uhh...(blurts) I don't like you. (covers mouth)

Shane: are the weirdest girl I've ever met! Forget going to the Deli with YOU! See you again like, NEVER! (smiles and walks away)

Maddie: He's such a wannabe! (smiles and walks away in the other direction, finds Dan, picks up her electric guitar, and jumps on Dan) Now, where were we? Oh, yeah! I remember. (starts playing her electric as Dan walks away.)

The End

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