(Maddie is made evil by Lord Hater, and she formed an evil plan to ruin Wander and Shine's date. Using Hater's powers, she turned herself into Shine)

Maddie: (puts a rose in her hair) This day is going to be perfect! (Looks in a mirror and gives it an evil grin) The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small. (Spins) Wander and his friends will gather round, say I look lovely in my gown! What they don't know is that I have fooled them all! (Her red eyes glow in the dark)

Shine: (is in an underground cave with Sylvia by her side) This day was going to be perfect! The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small. But instead of having shakes, with my boyfriend to celebrate. He may not date me after all.

Maddie: (walks around her dressing room) I could care less about the dress! I won't partake (kicks a vase of flowers off a table) in any shakes! Well, I may be lying when I say, "That through any kind of weather, I'll want us to be together!" The truth is I don't care for him at all! No, I do not love the boy, in my heart there is no room! (Looks in the mirror again, and gives herself an evil look) But I still want him to be all mine! (Gives the viewers an evil look)

Shine: (runs and Sylvia runs with her by her side) We must escape before it's too late! Find a way to save the day! Hope, that I'll be lying when I say, "I don't fear that I may loose him to one who wants to use him! (Shine spots a mine cart) Not care for, love or cherish him each day!" (Pushes the mine cart, but i doesn't move) For I oh so love the boy, all my thoughts he does consume. (Sylvia pushes the mine cart, and I moves quickly down the track) Oh, Wander, I'll be there very soon!

Maddie: (walks toward Wander, still evil, and still disguised as Shine) Finally, the moment has arrived! For me, to be one lucky girl!

(It goes to a half screen. Maddie on one side, and Shine on the other)

Shine: Oh, the date we won't make! He'll end up dating a fake! Wander will be...(Wander smiles sweetly at Maddie. He thinks that she is actually Shine)

Maddie: Mine, all mine! (evil giggle) 

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