(Maddie is just walking, looking at the birds flying and chirping. Then she saw Dan. He was beat up and weak.)

Maddie: WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!?! (runs over to Dan and hugs him)

Dan: (gasps) Bad guys...sleeping....knife....DEAD!!!

Maddie: What are you TALKING about?

Dan: Uh...uh....

Maddie: Nevermind. Let's just get you up to my tree where you can rest. (half walks, half carries Dan to her tree)

(Maddie gets him comfotable, then gets him some warm oatmeal. Dan eats it)

Maddie: you tell best as you can...what happened?

Dan: (recovers a little) There were...these two....bad guys...they looked like...monsters....they...thought I was....trespassing...on their teritory.....

Maddie: Oh....hang on, you stay here and go to sleep. I'll be back (jumps down from the tree and runs)

(Wander is playing his banjo) Doo doo de doo doo ze doo doo do...(Maddie grabs him and pulls him into the bush)

Maddie: Hey, Wander! Sorry to bother, but..something happened with Dan..he got beat up or something...I wasn't there to see what happened, but do you know of anyone suspicious that roams this planet?

Wander: I can't say that I do, Mads. Sorry. (frowns)

Maddie: That's fine. I'm not saying that you HAD to know...I'm just upset for him..that's all.

Wander: Awww..Mads. (hugs Maddie) He'll be fine. Did you give him hot soup or oatmeal?

Maddie: Yes, I gave him hot oatmeal.

Wander: Is he asleep?

Maddie: I told him to go to sleep, and that I'll be back for him later.

Wander: Ok..well...let's go see him now!

Maddie: (smiles)

(Maddie and Wander come to Maddie's tree)

Maddie: Ok good...he's asleep.

Wander: Good...

Dan: (wakes up) I WANT THAT COOKIE!! Oh...hi Wander!

Maddie and Wander: (giggle) Hi, Dan! (wave)

Maddie: Are you feeling any better?

Dan: Kinda. I have a POUNDING headache, though. (rubs head)

Maddie: I know. I'll sing you a lullaby to make you fall asleep again.

Wander: Oooh, and lullaby!

Dan: Ok..

Maddie and Wander: (climb up on Maddie's favorite branch that is above where Dan is resting)

Maddie: (starts to sing) Hush now...quiet child....

(The lullaby finishes, and Dan is asleep. Then she hears snoring. She looks down and sees Wander asleep on her lap. She smiles and looks toward the moon, which has just touched the horizon.)

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