(Hans' (Shane's) sword is about to pierce Elsa (Maddie))

Anna (Lily): NOOO!!!! (runs in between Hans and Elsa, freezes into ice, Hans' sword breaks on her ice hand, and he falls back)

Elsa: Anna!! (starts to cry as she touches her ice face) No...Anna....(hugs and holds on tight to her sister and weeps some more)

(Then, slowly, Anna starts turning back to normal)

Kristoff (Dash) and Olaf (Wander): (look at Anna in amazement)

Elsa: (sees that her sister is ok) Anna!! (hugs Anna)

Olaf: (gasps) An act of true love...can unfreeze a frozen heart!

Elsa: Love...that's it! (the town that was then covered in ice and snow, was turned back to normal by Elsa's powers. Everything was warm once again. Everyone cheers.)

Olaf: This is the best day of my life...(starts to melt)...and possibly the last day...

Elsa: Oh..(giggles), Olaf! (uses her powers to make a snow cloud above Olaf)

Olaf: (gasps) Yay! My own snowstorm!

(Everyone smiles)

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