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    (The scene opens inside the classroom, front of the blackboard showing "Written test in 3 days", blocked by the professor whose sitting in an office chair)

    Professor: People, I'm sure you are aware of this, but time is short. The general test for meisters and weapons, the Super Written Exam is in three days. Are you up to speed with your studies?
    Female Student 1: Of course, I've been preparing for this for a month row.

    (Skip to a scene showing the panoramic view of the classroom as the professor explains)
    Professor: I have written up the questions for this one. I'm sure there are both those who are anxious and those who are looking forward to it, so good luck to all.
    Professor: Okay, you're dismissed! (Closer look for the professor as he handle…

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    Some pictures

    December 4, 2014 by WanderingStar

    I just found recently by one of someone's tumblr, hence does anyone guess where is this from?. I think "The Gift" is my bet but i am not sure about it.

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    The Buddies (END)

    November 27, 2014 by WanderingStar

    (When Peepers learned that Wander is Hater's best buddy, he was shocked by this and runs away crying, Cut to his bedroom destroying stuffs as Hater came to his room, Peepers noticed that Hater came making his face into rage, he pulls out the weapon and aims it)
    Peepers: What do you WANT?.
    Hater: Well, Peepers I just wanna confess about what happened earlier, the you know...
    Peepers: That Wander is your best bud?! Huh! Shut up, Hater I knew that you were just fooling around.
    Hater: (frowned face) Peepers, please! I just want to let you know that --
    (Peepers begin to execute Hater with the help of his weapon, as Hater keeps dodging it then runs through the hallway making Peepers follow were he go, Hater ran through a room as he closes it but Peeper…

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    Suggest a character you like to appear in Wander Over Yonder

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