Ep.12 The friend

Sunil:I'm off to the store and-

Rocket Star:Sunil please take are newcomer Angle with you.

Sunil:It's a little Pidove. Okay.

Rocket Star:Thanks Sunil and don't forget to get the Turkey.

Angle:I'll help him remember boss.

Rocket Star:I am your leader. Well bye then.

Sunil:Oh no.

Angle:What is it?

Sunil:Tico if he catches-

Angle:*Flies and takes Sunil*


Angle:What's wrong now.

Sunil:I'm scared of highs.

Angle:Them I won't go that high. Remember Sunil I'm a Flying.


Angle:I won't drop you or anything. You just need to say clam.


Angle:I'm coming in for a landing. *Lands by the supermarket*

Sunil:They call this Angle, Hater's market. Hater only let's he's friends in to pay stuff.

Peepers:Hi Sunil is your friend?


Angle:Want your friends with the enemy?

Sunil:Woybff was always a good friend to Peepers.

Angle:No never mind.

Peepers:Come in.

Sunil and Angle:*Walk in*

Sunil:Okay we Grapes

  • Sunil and Angle shop*

Casher:Thank you.

Sunil:Okay let's leave.


Sunil:Ah! *Jumps*



Sunil:Just go get Hater or Peepers to kill there butts.

Angle:I'll do it myself. *Uses gust*

Angle and Sunil:*Run and back to Woybff's ship safe and sound*

Wild Card:You're big trouble for going to Hater's market, Peepers could of killed you.

Sunil:Sorry Commander Wild Card, it was me I took her there I should of know that Hater was enemies with Team Wander.

Angle:No it's none of are faults Sunil. Rocket Star told you to take me.

Wild Card:Then I'll talk to that Tepig. *Walks out of the room*

Angle:So you weren't lining to Peepers about us being friends?

Sunil:No I thought we were friends.

Angle:Normal freinds not dating?

Sunil:Yes, yes.

Wander:I told ya it would work Rocket Star and no hurts, but the watchdogs.

Sunil:Wait you all plan this.

Angle:I didn't know what going ever.

Sunil:Is this how you and Sylvia met?

Wander:I'll save to that for another time Sunil.

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