Ep. 13 The Besties

Woybff:Sylvia my buddy!

Sylvia:Woybff nice to see you pal.

Woybff:Do you know what day it is?

Sylvia:One year that we been friends.

Woybff:Yes. Here.

Sylvia:Gifts. Oh yeah here's yours buddy.

Woybff and Sylvia:*Give the gifts*

Sylvia:Oh your first.

Woybff:You should Sylvia.

Sylvia:But your the one that looked at that scary image.

Woybff:Okay I not going to fight you. *Opens gift* A plush of you. Heck yeah!

Sylvia:Look at the tage.

Woybff:*Looks at tage* You even got April Winchell's signature on it.

Sylvia:All for the girl I care about and the biggest WOY fan.

Woybff:Okay open my gift.

Sylvia:*Opens* Yay Jelly fish pie! Woybff you can have piece.

Woybff:Okay, but it's your pie and-

Sylvia:No I want to try it.

Woybff:Okay then.

Sylvia:*Cuts Woybff a piece* Here you go buddy.

Woybff:Thank you Sylvia. *Eats it*

Sylvia:You like?

Woybff:No I love it!

Sylvia:Wanna go rumble in Tico's face that we have been friends for one year.

Woybff:Sure why not.

  • Walks to Tico's house.

Sylvia:*Rings the doorbell*

Woybff:You might need wash hands are that.

Sylvia:Yeah I know.

Tico:What my parents will here some.

Sylvia:Tico do you know what day is it?

Tico:The you two die.

Woybff:No the we came friends.

Tico:*Rolls on ground*

Sylvia and Woybff:*Laugh at Tico*

Sylvia:Oh let's get out here.

Woybff:Yeah let's go.

  • Woybff and Sylvia makes back to the ship*

Sylvia:*Hugs Woybff*

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