Ep.14 The Stronger

Rocket Star:Pansage how are you feeling?

Pansage:A little better.

Wander:Rocket Star don't you worry about thing I got everything under control.

Rocket Star:Thanks. *Walks out*

Wild Card:So did you like the new me. (Wild Card is now a Herdier.)

Rocket Star:Look I know your a just a level stronger than me, but look I'll be a Pignite someday.

Wild Card:Take me on.

Rocket Star:*Tackles Wild Card*

Wild Card:*Moves out of the way*

Rocket Star:*Hints the ground*

Wild Card:See I'm strong.

Rocket Star:*Cries and runs away* *Crashes into Sylvia*

Sylvia:What's the- Oh hi there Rocket Star why are you upset?

Rocket Star: Wild Card is stonger than me.

Sylvia:I'll teach in a lesson.

Five mintues later

Rocket Star:Did you teach him a lesson?



Sylvia:Instead I punching him I made Wander tickle him.

Wild Card:I'm sorry Rocket Star. *Looks at Wander* Don't tickle me! *Runs away*

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