Woybff and the galaxy. Ep.1 The beginning part one

First pat (Wander and Sylvia)

Wander:It's sure is a pretty day Sylvia.

Sylvia:It sure is.

Wander:I hope we meet some new friends.

Sylvia:I doubt it.

Second part (Woybff and Sunil)

Woybff:Sunil were going to crash in that planet.


Woybff:Please clam Sunil.

Sunil:I told you going into space was a bad idea Woybff.

  • Ship crash into a rock.* *Sunil and Woybff walkout*

Woybff:Where are we.

Sunil:Sure isn't the sun. Then other feet would burn.

Woybff:Sunil come here.

Sunil:*Comes here*

Woybff:Okay Sunil we should get a signal if we go up that mountain.

Sunil:Really but I'm scared of highs.

Woybff:So am I.

Sunil:Can we do something else?

Woybff:Let's explore! :) *Walks in the tall plants.*

Sunil:Woybff wait for me! *Runs in the same tall plants.*

Third part (Wander and Sylvia again)

Wander: Sylvia can't we stay a little longer?

Sylvia:No we gotta go.

Wander:But just for five mor-

  • Tall plants russell*


Woybff and Sunil:*Walk out of the plants*

Wander:Hi there folks I'm and this is Sylvia. Who the heck are y'all.

Woybff:I'm Woybff and this Sunil.


Wander:How 'bout you come with us.

Woybff:I think were fine right Sunil.

Sunil:NO!!!!!! You are crazy! We crash on this planet you want to go on a mountian and were scared of the! Next you what to wander off! Now someone affer us a ride and you say you fine! What is wrong with you!

Woybff:*Runs off crying.*

Sylvia:The heck Sunil. *Looks cross*

Wander:That wasn't nice Sunil.

Sunil:Okay your right let's look for her.

Fourth part

Woybff:*Continues running* *Bumps into some Watchdogs*

Watchdog:A beauty lady Lord Hater would like this.

Woybff:Help me.

  • Sylvia rides in till they see what is happening*

Wander:Oh. *Runs but the watchdogs take off*

Sunil:Woybff is gone!

Wander:Sunil were save her.

Sylvia:Do you still want to come with us?

Sunil:Yes. *hops on Sylvia*

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