Woybff and the glaxay Ep.3 The Pegasus

First part


Wander, Sunil, Woybff:*Sitting on Sylvia*

Wander:*Stomach growls*

Sunil:Was that your stomach Wander?


Woybff:That's 40 times today.

Wander:I never be so hurgry in my life. I don't even have any snackes. :(

Sylvia:*Moves her neck arounded Wander* It'll be okay buddy were propbably getting close to a town.

Sunil:Like that one.

Sylvia:Welcome to Ponyville.

Wander:Seens like a nice place. :)

Woybff:Come on Sylvia let's go.

Sylvia:*Walks into Ponyville*

Wander:Where's a place to eat?

Woybff:Oh Sugarcude conter, right there.

Sylvia:*Walks in*

Woybff, Sunil, and Wander:*Hop off of Sylvia*

Woybff:Pinkie pie.

Woybff and Sunil:*Walks over to Pinkie*

Wander and Sylvia:Pinkie Pie?

Woybff:Wander and Sylvia meet Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie: *Walks over to Wander and Sylvia* How do ya do? *Shakes Wander's hand*

Wander:I'm doin' fine Pinkie pie.

Pinkie:*Shakes Sylvia's hand*

Sylvia:I'm fine.

Pinkie:Wander does that mean were friends?

Wander: Of coruse.

Pinkie:You and Sylvia can have free cupcakes.

Woybff:*Wispher to Pinkie*

Pinkie:But Sylvia you can some Jellyfish pie! :)

Second part

Derpy: *Walks in*

Woybff and Sunil: Derpy! :) *Walks to Derpy*

Derpy:One blueberry muffin please.

Woybff and Sunil:Hi Depry.

Derpy:Hi there. *Hugs Woybff and Sunil*

Wander and Sylvia:*Walk over by them*

Woybff:Wander, Sylvia this Derpy.

Wander:Hi Derpy :). Sylvia say hi.

Sylvia:Hi Derpy.

Derpy:Hello Wander and Sylvia. *Runs to Wander and Sylvia*

All: *Sit at a table*

Wander:Derpy will you can with-

Sylvia:*Graddes Wander and runs behind Sugar cude conter.*


Sylvia:Derpy can't come with us.

Wander:Why not?

Sylvia: One, Depry is disaddled, and Two she'll die.

Wander:But Sylvia-

Twilight:Sylvia the zbornak I can't believe you said that!

Sylvia:How do you know us?

Twilight:Lauren Faust. Look did you guys know that Woybff is disalled too.

Wander:I never knowed.

Twilight:She is mildly austistic.

Sylvia:But she'll die if we take her.

Twilight:Maybe you could protected her that.

Wander:Oh thanks Twilight.

Twilight:You're welcome Wander. :)

Wander:Now can Derpy come with us?

Sylvia: Sure.

Wander and Sylvia:*Walks back in the bakey*

Wander:Derpy wanna come with us?

Depry:Yes! :) But first I need some muffins.

All:*Later leave with 10 boxs of muffins*

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