Woybff and the glaxay Ep.5 The bad worm

First part

Sylvia:Are you sure Zorra this where you'll live?

Zorra:I think so after looking in 20 other planets.

Wander:Glab we could help. Bye.

Zorra:Bye Wander.

Wander, Woybff, Sunil, and Derpy:*Hop on Sylvia*


Woybff:Sylvia I'm hungry.

Sunil:Your always hungry.

Wander:I found this on the ground early I clean it and everything. I saved if someone got hugry. Here you go Woybff. *Hands Woybff the apple*

Woybff:Thank you Wander.

Wander:You're welcome.*Hands Woybff the apple*

Worm:*Pops out of apple* Man I can't breath.

Second part

Worm:*Moves on Sylvia*

Woybff:*Throws the apple on the ground*

Worm:*Move to Sylvia's face where Sylvia can see the worm*

Sylvia:Ah!! *Shakes the worm off and throws her friends on the ground*


Derpy:Suni, Sylvia is trying to get the worm off. But I don't think it's working.

Wander:Now it's on her belly.

Sylvia:*Rolling on ground*

Woybff:Poor Sylvia, she works so hard.


Sylvia:Get off!

Worm:Never! :)

Wander:*Takes the worm off Sylvia.*

Worm:Aw rats.

Sylvia:I'm so sorry guys.

Woybff:It's okay Sylvia. *Pats Sylvia's head*


Derpy:Yeah Sylvia we understand.

Wander:Yeah Syl, that Worm's just a bully.

Worm:I heard that!

Woybff:I know what make Sylvia feel better.

Sylvia:Oh Woybff I alright feel better.


Woybff:Jellyfish pie.

Sylvia:Great let's go.

Wander:Wait Sylvia we need to do somein' with this Worm.

Worm:Come on I'm fun that was guess a trick guys.

Woybff:Worm go away.


Sunil:*Uses is magic to send the Worm to another planet*

Wander:Will that's the end of him.

All but Sylvia:*Hop on Sylvia*


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