Ep.7 The love Part 1


All (but Woybff):Woybff!

Woybff:*Falls throught the gorund until landing in a pink cloud world.* Were am I?

Cloud person:You're in the land of love my friend.


Cloud person:Come meet are king.

Woybff*Walks with Cloud person to the castle*

Cloud person:King Kawaii, I bring to you a new sister.

King Kawaii:*Looks at Woybff* She'll do great I say Woybff is now a sister.

Woybff:Thanks bye now.

King Kawaii:No you now stay here forever.

Part 2

Wander:*Jumps* I'm conin' Woybff.

Sylvia:Wander! *Jumps*

Sunil:Sylvia! *Jumps*

Derpy:Yeah! *Jumps*

All of them:*Landed in the world*

Wander:This place is amazing.

Derpy:Where are the muffins?

Sylvia:Let's look for Woybff.

Woybff:Guys help me.

King Kawaii:Don't do it.

Sylvia:*Punches King Kawaii in the gut*

Wander:Let's get out here.

  • Force that won't let Woybff leave*

Woybff:No. *Cries*

Sylvia:What did you?

King Kawaii:I made her a sister that means she'll never leave.

Sylvia:*Punches crown off him*

Woybff and Sylvia:*Runs back with Wander, Sunil, and Derpy*

King Kawaii:*Pick up his crown* No!!

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