Ep.16 The Friendship



Sunil:Do you want to go on a adventure?


Sunil:Woybff, Angle and I are going on a adventure.

Woybff:Get back before Seven.


Sunil and Angle:*Walks out by a forest*

Sunil:Isn't this the same place you and Team Wander kick those Team Plasma Grunts?

Angle:Yes Sunil. Let's go in those woods.


Angle:Stop being a scaredie cat Sunil let's go in.

Sunil:Okay. *Walks in with Angle*

Plasma Grunt:Stop there Team Wander.

Sunil:Oh no.

Angle:*evolves into Tranquil* *Flies Sunil to Woybff's ship*

Sunil:Uh..Ah! Oh are we-

Angle:Yes we are.

Sunil and Angle:*Make it back*

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