Woybff and The Glaxay Ep.4 Season 1 The Dragon

First part

Wander:Oh that planet looks fun we should go see it.

Derpy:Yeah Sylvia we should.

Sylvia:I don't know guys.

Wander:After just we'll get Jellyfish pie if we go now.

Sylvia:Okay then.

Sunil:I have a bad feeling about this.

Sylvia:*Lands on the planet*

Woybff:Want is that beauty sound?

Wander:It's music! :)

Woybff:Wander can you please keep your voice down. I'm trying to hear the music and you hurt my ears.

Wander:I'm really sorry Woybff.

Woybff:It's okay Wander.

Second part

Dragon:Here's my chance.

All (but dragon):*Walk by the bushes* (By the one he is at.)

Dragon:*Pops out and bushes* Blah!

All (but dragon and Sylvia):Ah!

Sylvia:I don't get why he so scares.

Dragon:*Takes Sylvia and teleports away.*

Sunil:No Sylvia!

Derpy:Where do you know think the dragon took Sylvia, Wander?

Wander:I don't know.

Woybff:*Starts crying*

Wander:Don't cry Woybff.

Wander, Sunil, and Derpy:*Walk to Woybff*

Derpy:We'll find Sylvia, Woybff.

Sunil:Don't worry Woybff well find Sylvia. *Turns back* No won't.

Wander:*Pats Woybff on the back* Woybff your on of the smartest people here, do you have a idea of where Sylvia is?

Woybff:It's look this planet.

Wander:Okay then. Let's go Syl- It sure going to take some getting use to. :(

Thrid part

Dragon:You don't think I'm scary.

Sylvia:Yeah all you said was 'Blah'. I mean what so scary about that.

Dragon:*Drops Sylvia's cage by a tiger and a tiger* What about my friends Tiger and Duck do they scary you?

Tiger:*Roars loudly at Duck*


Dragon:*Drops Sylvia's cage by some pink kitties* Can you take out them.

Sylvia:*Punches all four* Just like watchdogs, but cuter and makes want to punch them more.

Dragon:How about their Bross.

Bross:*Jumps down*

Sylvia:Ah! *Punches Bross in the gut and knocks him out*

Dragon: You are very power pony, but can take out this. *Moves Sylvia's cage to a empty stage*

Sylvia:Who is it?

Dragon:Zorra get the thing I needed that one day.

Zorra:Yes sir. *Brings it over to Sylvia*


Zorra:My bad. *Turns it a arounded*

Sylvia:*Looks in the mirror with a upset down smile* Oh you want me to be up myself.

Dragon:Yeah Sylvia.

Zorra:Don't do it Sylvia.

Dragon:If you do I'll give you any pie you like one a day for the rest of your live.

Zorra:Think about your you friends? Don't they care about you?

Sylvia:*Thinks about her friends. Order: Wander, Sunil, Woybff and Derpy* Sorry green dragon, but my friends my more imporat than Jellyfish pie.

Zorra:Can I came to?


Zorra:I hate him.

Sylvia:Sure. *Rides back to her friends*

Fourth part

Wander:Iet's give up.



Sylvia:I'm back with a new friend.

Zorra:I'm Zorra.

Wander:Are you gonna go with us?

Sylvia:Wander, Zorra is looking for a new home so she'll came with us for a while.


Wander, Sunil, Derpy, and Woybff:*Hug Sylvia*

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