The Million Dollar Watchdog

Judge Earnesset:Woybff state your case.

Woybff:I hired Emperor Awesome as a cook 'cause he couldn't stop showing his butt to us, and his meal was so flarpin' good at first, than Wander, Derpy, Sunil, and I threw up.

Judge Earnesset:I heard enough, what do you guys think?

Rarity:We find that Awesome should paid her friends a million bucks and go in jail because showing your butt to a princess is against the law.

Judge Earnesst:That's it 108 days in that jail.

Awesome:*gives Woybff the cash* *gets carried away by cops*

Sylvia:Good job what should we enjoy this victory?

Woybff:Hm...a hot tub.



Sylvia:No Derpy.

Wander:I got it, we should use it to give to some poor folks.

Sylvia, Derpy, Sunil, Woybff:*grow quiet*

Wander:Or we could..have dinner with Lord Hater.

Sylvia:How 'bout not.

Woybff:I know we pay Lord Hater to watch the Watchdogs watch Baby Einstein.

Sylvia:Oh sister you know how to use your money.


Narrator:So they told Lord Hater and he said

Hater:That's great.

Narrator:The friends sat watching the Watchdogs watch there worst nightmares.

Hater:*plays Baby Bach*

Watchdogs:*Start screaming when the Zylon Dragon is on the screen*

Frank:*throws a chair*

Sylvia:This was a awesome idea Woybff.

Joey:*rocks back and forth on the ground*

Peepers:Look at Joey sir. Sir? Sir! *see that Hater is sitting by Sunil*

Hater:*laughing a Joey*

Peepers:Thinks:Oh I can only see how great Joey is. He isn't happy her, made at Woybff's castle I'll ask Lord Hater after words*

Narrator:When Lord Hater put in Baby Mozart there was screaming, hitting, and the watchdogs were hugging. For fear in there bellies were rising like yeast. Then when Bard showed himself.

Watchdogs:*screaming* *running into walls*

Everyone one but Peepers:*laughs*

Narrator:Peepers was shamed at his boss and workings. The workings being scary cats and his boss being a jerk. Lord Hater will never understand how the- No wait, The Gift 2:The Gifting. Oh let's resume, the fruit makes it's appearance. The Watchdogs calm the butterflies in their stomachs, but not for long. When Bard returns.

Watchdog:*screaming and running around like crazy*

Hater, Sylvia, Sunil and Derpy:*laughing*

Peepers:*feeling angry*

Narrator:It isn't Peepers' faint he is so caring and evil that the same time, it's his emotions.

Anger:Hey Peepers can't be evil because of Sadness, she's the one that mess everything up.


Peepers:*starts crying*

Chad:Look everyone are commander is baby too.

Watchdogs (but Joey):*snicker*

Hater:*gets microphone* Remember Princess Woybff Luna Stars of Wander Over Yonder paid me a million bucks to watch you guys be scary cats.

Joey:Yes sir.

Lord Hater:Very good Joey, now the rest of you shut up.

Narrator:Later, Hater put in Baby Shakespeare. I wish the watchdogs well, mostly Joey. It's the worst day of his life.

Watchdogs:*yell and scream When they see Bard*

Narrator:Later they did the same when they saw the Tiger and Duck. Wait a sec, Joey. He's crying.

Watchdogs:Joey, his a big baby, he needs to hold Peepers' hand when he needs to go potty, he carries a blanket around, and comes to snuggle with Lord Hater at night when he has a nightmare. He scared of the flarpin' dark. Joey the big baby.

Joey:*cries louder*


Lord Hater:What did you guys flarpin' say about me snuggle with Joey?!

Peepers:*walks in* That's it! Joey come here.

Watchdogs:*laugh at him*

Joey:*cries**runs to Peepers*

Peepers:Princess do you mind if Joey was removed from the area?

Woybff:I don't want the poor thing to be taunted or bullied, go ahead.

Narrator:And of course what the other watchdogs said isn't true. But like you saw in The Dream 1 he when to Lord Hater's room. One that is a dream, second he talks to Peepers when he's scared. He doesn't sleep with him at all. He just talks with Peepers 'til he's ready to go back to bed. Peepers and Joey when to his bed room.

Peepers:Do you hate the Watchdogs teasing you?

Joey:Yeah, but I still hate Wander and Sylvia because Lord Hater wants me too.

Peepers:That's not anything to be shamed if you secretly like them, like Woybff and one her best friends, Sunil, they love Wander Sylvia like friends.

Joey:Which one is he?

Peepers:The skinny blue one. Now I thought you could go live with her.

Joey:So I can kill Wander and Sylvia for Lord Hater.

Peepers:No Joey, I want to be happy and safe. Thought out my commandeering career you are the most watchdog that has been nice to Lord Hater and I. And the most watchdog that I care about. You like a other watchdog that was here. His name was Westley, he was fatter than the other watchdogs.

Joey:What about me?

Peepers:Just right, Joey there's something about you that makes you like Westley and like the other watchdogs. You are autistic, like the princess you are kind, smart, scared of almost anything.

Joey:Why are we comparing the princess to me?

Peepers:Because she's autistic too.


Peepers:I love you, Joey. You're not baby, you're autistic. Them flarpin' bullies are messing with you self-esteem, also like the princess. But she's died. So what will it be, of course with Lord Hater's final word.

Joey:I love you too, sir. *hugs Peepers* I don't want to you to go away.

Peepers:*hugs back* Woybff will let me check on you.


Peepers:A least two times a week for sure. If anything else worrying you?

Joey:I scared Sylvia will bully me.

Peepers:The princess won't let her lay a fist on you body or eyeball.

Joey:I hear she has kids, will that hurt or bully me?

Peepers:Pretty sure they are nice baby birds. What ever happens Woybff will be there for you.

Joey:What if the princess doesn't it?

Peepers:Well I known her for almost a year, she's an angle.


Narrator:As we are back with the watchdogs they are the real babies. They are scared of puppets and Freddy Fazbear. Peepers asked Lord Hater.

Hater:Well I need my army to be strong to destroy Wander.

Peepers:*face palm*

Joey:What if I want to friends with those enemies, I don't think they wouldn't hurt the princess why would they hurt us.

Hater:*gets a hear burn* Don't flarpin' say that you're not leaving.

Peepers:What if the Watchdogs keep teasing that you and him cuddle together?

Hater and Joey:*reminding that moment*

Joey:*running to hug Hater in tears*

Hater:Fine I see how bad they hurt you. You can go and you don't have to destroy them.

Joey:Thank you, sir.


Narrator:As Lord Hater told Woybff, Sylvia all like

Sylvia:Oh yeah a new punching bag.

Woybff:No he's one of us now. He isn't like the other Watchdogs.

Sylvia:Sorry kid.

Woybff:Yes he can live with me and you can check on him.

Joey:*hugs Peepers*

Peepers:*hugs back*

Joey:I'll miss you sir.

Peepers:*cries* I miss you more, Joey. Call me Peepers, Woybff, Sunil, and Derpy do.

Wander:*cries a little*


Sunil:Hello little Joey.

Derpy:Muffin, Joey.

Joey:Made later, I'm not hungry but thank you.

Derpy:You're welcome.


Lord Hater:Watchdogs!

Woybff:No Hater I got this. Joey cover you're ears, I gonna yell.

Wander:So he autistic.

Woybff:*nods* Alright you freakin' Watchdogs. Stop laughing and understand, you're friend isn't like you guys! He has flarpin' feelings! Him and Hater do not snuggle together as I known from episodes! And I bet he's not as bad as you think! Good day. *smiles*

Joey:*uncovers his ears*

Narrator:Joey when to live with Woybff. What will happen next? Find out in the next time.

Coach Sliverswirl:*finds news paper* Woybff's a princess?!

Someone:Yeah, want to help me kill her?

Coach Sliverswirl:If you help me kill Sylvia, Sunil, and Derpy.

Someone:*takes off cloak* Deal, I'm Lord Claws by the way. *crackles*

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