The Limit

Joey:So Wander how do I look in my new clothes.

Wander:There amazing.

Joey:I know, Rairty's good at this sewing stuff.

Wander:Woybff has a story for you.

Joey:Oh boy. *runs to the thrown*

Woybff:Joey, sit on my lap.

Joey: *hops on Woybff's lap*Okay, what's the story?

Woybff:Once I had a teacher that wanted to kill me. His name was Lord Claws. At eleven it was always writing time. As the other children used pencils, I used a typewriter 'cause my writing sucked.

Joey:Because of you're Autism right?

Woybff:Yep. I wrote stories of unicorns, haunt houses, etc. I thought the sky was the limit. It wasn't for Mr.Claws. He yelled at me that my work was too good. Ripped it up and give me a F.

Joey:That is sad.

Woybff:So one day secretly wrote about how Lord Claws and Lady Poutat wanted to kill me and put me down. I give it to my friend that's a cook in my castle, Cilan.

Cilan:I had hanged it up it the castle.

Joey:So them what happen?

Cilan:I read it and can't believe my eyes. I screamed at Claws and Poutat about Woybff. I remember those words 'This child is autistic, and has a powerful imagination. Make the sky the limit for her'. After than Claws yell at me.

Claws:Why, why, why do you support this stupid kid. KILL HER!

Cilan:I told him I wouldn't do it. I took Woybff and we ran away to a new school with the help from Coach Sliverswirl.

Coach Sliverswirl:Hi I'm Sliverswirl do you need help?

Cilan:You're the coach at this school aren't you?

Coach Sliverswirl:Yes I am.

Cilan:How do I get her in to this school, her old teachers wanted to kill her for just being herself.

Coach Sliverswirl:The office.

Woybff:After that I met Derpy.

Derpy:Hi you must be the new student. I'm Derpy, I will also be in your learning center 'cause I'm cross-eyed.

Woybff:I'm glad I finally met someone that gets me.

Derpy:Come with me, we're gonna meet Fluttershy she's really nice, she's also are teacher.

Woybff:Yes were in the same class!

Joey:So wait Fluttershy was your teacher?

Woybff:Yes, way better than Claws. And when she read my first piece of writing.

Fluttershy:Oh Woybff is wonderful. You get a A++++++++++++++++++++.

Russell:Three cheers for Woybff Stars!


Stellar:Hey I'm-

Vinnie:*pushes her out of the way* Hey wanna sign my tail?

Woybff:Sure. *signs Vinnie's tail*

Pennyling:Are we all you're friends?

Woybff:Yes you all are.

Minka:I wish Sunil was hear to met you. He broke his leg, but he took his finals.

Zoe:Minka daring, she'll met in next year.

Stellar:You and Sunil sound werid.

Zoe:No you sound weird, I'm super star.

Pepper:Now Zoe you remenber last time Stellar barked up the wrong tree.

Stellar:Shut up you freak.


Zoe:You, shut up, you heard Pepper's feelings.

Fluttershy:Now, now settle down.

Stellar:SHUT UP!!!!!!

Woybff:*hides under behind Pennyling*

Fluttershy:Oh does someone need a hug.


Sliverswirl:*walks in* Stop hurting Fluttershy.

Stellar:*throws a ball at her*

Woybff:Stop it, without her I would still be with Lord Claws.

Sliverswirl:Thank you, I never got you're name.

Russell:Her name is Woybff Stars, the best writer in the class.

Sliverswirl:And my favorite, you and friends will be in my class tomorrow for P.E.

Pennyling:Oh you're going love Coach Sliverswirl.

Woybff:The end.

Joey:Oh my gosh, that was the best story ever and I can't believe it was true.

Woybff:*hugs Joey*


Sunil:Lord Claws is coming soon.

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