The Misunderstanding pt.2

Narrator:After Woybff lifted Stellar told her coach,

Stellar:Coach I lied, Woybff doesn't hate you. I told you guys to wreck you friendship. *cackles* Have a nice day Coach.

Narrator:That Stellar. Sliverswirl has been trying to get back to Woybff, telling her it was a misunderstanding. Go thing Stellar's dead.

Sliverswirl:So you see Stellar did it.

Lord Hater:Yeah I don't believe you.

Peepers:Get out now your monster. No should yell at Woybff, but Lord Hater.

Sliverswirl:Do you see now.

Awesome:I don't care but Sylvia's hot/

Sliverswirl:*rolls eyes*

Narrator:Sliverswirl when to tell Wander Over Yonder characters her story.

Cashmere:*cries* That is so sad, miss.

Little Bits:Who knew.

Starlight:Like me and Princess Derruma.

Ryder:Oh I still don't give a flarp.

Narrator:She then told Sylvia on the phone.

Sylvia:What about the cookies?

Sliverswirl:I tried to tell her in food I still love her.

Sylvia:Come to the castle tomorrow, it will be a total surpise to Woybff.

Narrator:That day she came to back to her castle it was rainy.

Sliverswirl:Princess, this was all Stellar's faint, I understand what happen. *shows the award and candy*

Woybff:I don't believe you, maybe one day. *shuts the door*

Narrator:One day Sliverswirl, one day.

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