The Ruined Childhood

Woybff:Have you ever wondered Awesome was too much into Sylvia, fans?

Person 1:*shrugs*

Woybff:Well I think he is a-

Person 2:He's a per-

Woybff:Totally. Next on the list do you know what these are. *holds up Bard the dragon and Zylon dragon puppets*


Woybff:Right Wanderers, they are dragon puppets from a creepy video series called Baby Einstein that scared me Bard when I lived with Dora, I'll get to her later. And Zylon before I when to Fluttershy's class.

Person 3:*holds arm up*


Person 3:Why does it scare you?

Woybff:'Cause it just does, like Barney.


Person 2:Is Barney what Awesome is?

Sylvia:Yes young boy.

Woybff:*counties walking* Next to Dora I loved her, but she never told me she give me lead paint. Now thanks to Dexter, I here but they'd trick me to drink the stuff?

Person 4:But how?

Woybff:They beg and told me it was good.

Sylvia:Yeah and I wanna get back at them too. Woybff is the best thing that ever happen to us.

Wander:She is.

Woybff:Thank you Wander and Sylvia, but she and her friends aren't the only. There was a train named Thomas and Elmo. Eh, he's creepy.


Woybff:That's most of my ruined childhood.

Person 5:What about Ronald McDonald?

Woybff:Thank you, Wanderer. I wanted a video called Super Sized Me and it opened my eyes. I also am scared of clowns. And did you know their food never goes bad.

Sylvia:Flarp naffers.

Woybff:You took the words out of my mouth, Syl. Now any questions?

Person 6:Did Autism have a big role on you're life?

Woybff:Yes, I not even going to talk about it.

Person 6:I'm autistic too, well you please?

Woybff:I am sorry Wanderer, but it's embarrassing. Okay one story, once I ran away from my class this was during Pre-K, nobody could understand, I don't think I could talk yet. All because of...puppets. So surprising. A fuzzy man.

Wander:Holy moly I when back in time.

Woybff:Yes you did Wander, thank you.

Wander:It's was nothin' *hugs Woybff*

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