To all whom read this. Remember the antagonist is scary in opinion. This episode is about Awesome hitting on Sylvia like creepy person. Just kidding. :D (Thank gosh.) It's about Barney attacking Derpy, Sunil, Wander,  Sylvia, and I. Y'know that purple evil dinosaur. Just a heads up. The thing with The Little Guy and Spiderman is true.

The Evil Dinosaur!

Derpy:This day is beatiful.

Wander:Let's go on a walk in the woods.

Sunil:Sylvia should come with us.

Woybff:Yeah Wander...what if we find HIM in the woods.

Wander:Good idea Woybff.

Sylvia:I heard you guys. So where we goin'?

Wander:In that woods.

Sylvia:No, no, no. *rolls into a ball and rolls back and forth*

Wander:Where the Sylvia I know?

Derpy:Are you hungry?

Woybff:Sylvia are you okay.

Sylvia:*stops rolling*

Sunil:*hugs Sylvia* Is everything okay Sylvia?

Sylvia:Sorry guys I just had a nightmare about these woods.

Wander:What was it about, Syl?

Sylvia:We when and..and. *starts crying*

Woybff:Okay Sylvia we'll be a moment. We'll go behind that tree.

Sylvia:Fine. *countes to cry*

Everyone else:*goes behind the tree*

Wander:What happen to Syl?

Woybff:She probably had a nightmare that Disney XD took her Jellyfish pie in the woods.

Derpy:Why'd you think that?

Woybff:'Cause they did that with me only with Wander. They put on Spiderman than The Little Guy, one of my favorite episodes. I gonna kill the son of gun.

Sunil:Maybe she had a dream we walk in the woods and Awesome took off his parents.


Wander:Probably it Sunil.

Everyone else:*comes back*

Wander:We're sorry Sylvia 'bout you're nightmare. Yeah still wanna come with us?

Sylvia:*nods* *hugs Wander*

Everyone:*goes into the woods*

Five minutes later

Barney:La, la, la,

Sylvia:Oh no!

Wander:Sylvia this isn't like you.

Sylvia:Ha, ha just kidding Wander.

Wander:Anywhoser what's that nose?

Sylvia:*looks tense* Probably nothing Wander.

Woybff:Are you okay Sylvia, Sunil and I are the ones worrying? Plus I heard some sing.

Sylvia:*screams D'oh* *covers mouth*

Derpy:Is Sylvia, Homer?

Sylvia:No Derpy. I'm still me. *smiles creepy*

Sunil:Oh no!

Barney:I wanna hug you.

Wander:*runs to Barney*

Sylvia:Wander no!

Sunil:*teleports in forth of Wander* No, no. Barney is-

Barney:*picks up Sunil*



Barney:*tries to eat Sunil*

Woybff:What the crap. *runs with Wander and Derpy and tries to pull him out of Barney's mouth* *gets him out*

Barney:*grads Derpy* *throws her into the leaves*

Derpy:How Barney you're strong-

Barney:*hugs Derpy too tought*

Derpy:Oh my grop.

Sunil, Wander, Sylvia, and Woybff:*shocked* *mouths wide open*

Derpy:*flies out* Oh my grop, oh my grop.

Wander:How that guy gives out bear hugs.

Sylvia:Good grop. *looks down*

Barney:Woybff do you think you're speical.

Woybff:Can we freakin' get out of here now?

Barney:No you don't. *drags her leg*

Woybff:I was asking my friends.

Bareny:I'm your friend.

Woybff:No you're a freakin' pe-

Barney:*tickles Woybff's belly*

Woybff:Help me!

Barney:But this fun.

Woybff:No you flarp naffer stop ticking me. The princess says no!

Barney:We can play imagination later.

Sylvia:Thinks:I had enough of bein' a scary cat. Woybff needs me.*punches Barney in nose*

Barney:*tries to sing I love you*

Sylvia:Why you little. *chokes Barney*

Wander:Oh no. *runs to help Barney*

Sunil:*stops Wander* We shouldn't do anything.

Woybff:We got are Mama S back.

Sylvia:*stops chocking Barney* And if you come back this is you.

Wander:*hands Sylvia a melon*

Sylvia:*crush the melon*

Barney:*runs away*

Wander:Good job Sylvia.

Sylvia:*hugs Wander and Woybff*

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