The Worst Rider

Ryder:Sylvia can I come in.

Sylvia:No Woybff is not herself today.


Sylvia:Ryder, you wouldn't understand.

Ryder:Sure I can.

Sylvia:Did you understand why liked Wander more than you?


Sylvia:Well you can't understand Woybff's mind.

Ryder:*punches Sylvia in the nose*

Sylvia:What the flarp was that for?

Ryder:I told you you gone soft.

Sylvia:*rolls her eyes*

Ryder:Well if you going to be that way. *hits Sylvia in the head*


Woybff:Oh I told you, we need more guards, Wander.

Ryder:Hey there, Sylvia told you ain't yourself today.

Woybff:Did she told you why?

Ryder:She told me I didn't understand.

Woybff:*hits Ryder with her staff* Two things, one Teletubbies are in Wander Over Yonder.

Ryder:You're crazy.

Woybff:*pulls up picture* Look when Wander is saying he's a wanted man.

Ryder:Well I'll darned.

Cilan's Pansage:(That's what I said.)

Ryder:Well what's the another thing.

Woybff:You'd never understand. *rocks back and forth on the floor*

Ryder:Are you insane or something?

Woybff:*hits Ryder really hurt with her staff*


Woybff:Sorry, you offend me. I'm autistic, not insane.

Ryder:I don't know what that is.


Pepper:You dont know what Autism is.


Zoe:Will you better tell him Woybff.

Woybff:Sylvia and I told you, you'd never stand. It's kinda to explain to you.

Ryder:You don't know how to explain your disease and you're how old?

Woybff:First off it's NOT a disease. It's a disorder, you can't get it from me.


Woybff:It effects me in communication, social, and speech maybe.

Ryder:You don't even remenber!

Pepper:We don't yell at her, she's been studying Autism for more than a year.

Woybff:There are also behaviors of Autism like hand flapping, called stimming.

Ryder:Like this. *slaps Pepper*

Pepper:Woybff, this guy is a jerk.

Woybff:I know Pepper. Just by one episode. And NO Ryder. Autistics won't do that, like me. What if I slapped you in the face, would you care?

Ryder:Nah, I would be glad you made Syl happy.

Woybff:*hits Ryder with her staff* There is how ever Self-injury, like banging you're head against the wall.


Woybff:Smooths them. Hey this my universe you asked about it. And the more you laugh about, I will hit you in the head. Next they are severe and mild fourms of Autism.

Ryder:And you have severe, right?

Woybff:You freakin' doing this on purpose Ryder. I can flarpin' talk.


Woybff:*hits Ryder with staff* When Sylvia gets here, she's gonna beat up.

Sylvia:Hey Woybff did you tell Ryder about you're universe.

Woybff:Yes, he doesn't flarpin' get.

Sylvia:*smiles* Oh really.

Woybff:*smiles* Maybe you can teach him a lesson.

Sylvia:Yeah Woybff I be happy to. *walks to Ryder*

Ryder:*backs way* Oh Sylvia this is a misunderstanding.

Sylvia:Making fun of autistic people is not funny Ryder. *punches him in the face*

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