The Stalker

Woybff:Do you think Screwball is coming Sylvia?

Sylvia:Nah, it ain't even August yet Woybff quit worrin'.

Derpy:Letter, Woybff.

Woybff:*reads letter*Dear Princess Stars, you fail to stop me. But really I'd fail to get you without you're bakers, guards, and boy friends but I have the next best thing. The Princess of friendship. Your doctor, Screwball Jones. P.S. Twilight! *looks up* Uh?

Twilight:*grads Woybff*

Woybff:Holy crap!

Twilight:*drops Woybff*

Woybff:But you said a mouth, Dr.Screwball.

Screwball:Thank you for calling me, doctor by the way. So do you want to make, a cake?

Woybff:Is this some kind of play date? And no I don't bake.

Screwball:*gets by her* Sure, whatever you want to call it, honey. *puts around her* And why was it a terrible thing with Ms.Krips.

Woybff:How did you know that? Plus get you're arms off me, what do I look like your teddy bear?

Screwball:I not going to tell. Yes after all you are the princess of woy, who's the queen.


Screwball:That's nice. Can I tickle you?

Woybff:Are you crazy. Were on my arms or legs or back has a flarpin' tag saying "Tickle Me Woybff". Even if there was, no. I alright was tickled by a nightmare.

Screwball:Remember when you were a child and you liked Barney.

Woybff:I was on lead.

Screwball:Oh yeah like I forgot.

Woybff:Are you my stalker.


Woybff:Good grop. Do you see when I sleep or stuff I don't what people to see me do?

Screwball:I'm no saying.

Woybff:But why?!

Screwball:I wanted to see you have fun before you this happen.

Woybff:You mean before Stellar flarpin' up my self-esteem.

Screwball:Correct. We should go on a double date, you can bring Wander, and I'll bring Pinkie Pie.

Woybff:Look you're a how some people say "banana", can I go home now.

Screwball:But we haven't had any fun.

Woybff:I find my own joy in watching TV and creating new ideas.

Screwball:How about jumping off a mountain?


Screwball:Going in the ocean.

Woybff:That's flarpin' crazy.

Screwball:*wears a white coat* Playing doctor.

Woybff:I'm not flarpin' four years old. I know that won't end will.

Screwball:Why, scared that I'll cut your neck.

Woybff:I know when you just like my body.

Screwball:No I just want to have fun. You're just worried for nothing, that's all. You need to let go. Screaming about how pretty you are, showing you are brave.

Woybff:I GET IT! But I don't want to do something stupid.

Screwball:You mean silly.

Woybff:I don't like that word.

Screwball:Oh Stellar isn't here. You can be fun all you want.

Sunil:*runs in with an axe* Die zombies!

Screwball:What the?

Sunil:Get away from the my princess. *hits Screwball*

Screwball:Okay I give up.

Sunil:Thank you.

Sunil and Woybff:*walk out*

Sunil:I hear Wander's going to be in a zombie movie.

Woybff:Cool what's one of his lines?

Sunil:'I'm gay'. No joke.

Woybff:I'll watch it when we get back.

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