The Test

Woybff and Sunil:What is this.

Wander:It looks like a test.

Sylvia:*looks at cupcake* 'Pick me?' Which do you pick, Woybff?

Woybff:The cupcake.

Derpy:What the flarp girl.


Sylvia:I thought you were better than that.

Woybff:*laughs* Just kidding guys. Wander's hat. *picks the hat up* 'Share this burrtio with a stranger'.

Wander:Woybff..are you going to do this?

Woybff:Of course it was under you're hat.

Wander:*puts the hat on Woybff's hat* You are the wander until the burrtio is shared.

Woybff:Hey does some stranger wanna share this burrtio with me.

Someone:Hey I would.

Woybff:Sylvia please cut the burrtio in half.

Sylvia:*cuts it in half*

Woybff:Thank you. *gives one half to the stranger* So what's you're name?

Someone:Olive, Olive Morrios. I dream of being a baker in a castle for a king, queen, or even a princess.

Some People:*run to Woybff and Olive* *start sing the Wander Over Yonder theme song*

Woybff:*starts to dance* I am the princess of Wander Over Yonder, y'know. I'd also like you to bake at my castle. I have other bakers, but most are animals. I have one human baker.

Olive:Yes princess I would.

Woybff:I'm Woybff. My prince is Wander. *puts Wander's hat on him*

Sunil:I'm Sunil Nevla I'm a knight.

Sylvia:I'm Sylvia, I work as the only guard as the castle.

Derpy:Hello I'm Derpy Hooves, I am also a baker.

Olive:Nice to met you all.

Hater:I hope that burrtio gives you a stomach ache.

Woybff:*starts running after Hater with a pencil* 


Woybff:It's not funny to joke around with the princess. *hits with staff*

Peepers:I told you not do that sir.

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