The Changeling pt.1

Woybff:I can't believe I let this happen to Woybff, y'know.

Peaches:Woybff I am so sorry. *hugs*

Sunil:You can always do want that one purple pony did, and Wander and Sylvia may come back.

Woybff:May Sunil, I'll go there tonight.

Sunil:Why not right now?

Woybff:I meeting some ponies are coming into the castle today to talk me.

Peaches:I'll be on my way.

Woybff:They have came.

Derpy:*gets the door*

Couple:*runs to Woybff*

Mother:Here is my little daring.

Sunil:Woybff you bought their child. Why is it back.

Father:*tranforts into a changling*

Sunil:Never mind.

Father:*tranforts back*

Woybff:That's her name?

Mother:We wanted you to name her.

Father:Princess Stars, thank you so such for keeping are sweet heart safe from the D word (Lord Dominator).

Woybff:Oh I hate her.

Mother and Father:*laugh*

Mother:Oh that guy..he's a boy.

Woybff:I have prove.

Father:Oh really?

Woybff:*gives them a copy of The Greater Hater* Fast foward to the end.

Mother:Yes. Do know what to call her?


Sunil:What's happening with you two?

Father:Oh Lord Dominator kill are queen. Now he/she has us on hate, we can't stand the stuff. We need her to be safe.

Sunil:What was her name before?

Mother:We never thought of one.

Father:We must be one are way before he knows.

Father and Mother:*leave*

Woybff:Hi little changeling?

Changeling:Hello, new mommy.

Woybff:Please call me Woy Mommy, Woybff, or Mama W.


Woybff:Because my name is Woybff, Wander Over Yonder's Biggest Fan Forever. I'm also a princess.

Changeling:What is my name?

Woybff:What do want as a name?

Changeling:I don't know, what were you thinking?

Woybff:Lava Wander Stars.

Changeling:This that my whole name Woy Mommy?

Woybff:Yes do you like it.

Changeling:Yeah I think I'll be called that, Woy mommy. Who is Wander?

Woybff:Wander..*looks at a photo her and Wander hugging* Wander...*cries*

Lava:Is he dead or something?

Sunil:He and his friend, Sylvia were turned to stone.

Lava:I am sorry Woybff.

Woybff:He was my unmarried prince.

Lava:*walks to Woybff to kiss her*


Joey:Woybff, I'm- oh my gosh who are you?!

Lava:I'm Lava a changeling. Who are you?


Woybff:Okay who wants to come with me and Sunil to free Wander.

Lava:We do, Woy Mommy!

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