The Icecream


Woybff:Stop stalking me Jones, I hear you. The only reason I forgive Wander was because of you so you better be nice to him.

Screwball:You know I don't list to you, Princess. No loves Wander Over Yonder as much as you do.


The next day

Screwball:Come be happy.

Woybff:Stellar took all my happiness.


Woybff:Calling names, scaring me.

Screwball:That's terrible. Where does she live?

Woybff:Heck if I know.

Screwball:I can help you.

Woybff:No I don't want you hurt your feelings. Thinks:If you have any.

Screwball:*rolls eyes* Come on, I want you to be happy.

Woybff:When Wander would help me in fights with her, we'd lose.

Screwball:Well I not Wander, sweetheart. I'm Dr.Screwball Jones.

Woybff:That's right. Maybe tomorrow.



Screwball:So are you ready to have some more fun?

Woybff:I don't know, I'm still sad. Wander tells me I shouldn't think about Stellar and think about better things.

Screwball:*smiles* Like icecream?

Woybff:Yeah, but that makes me fat.

Screwball:Flarp your heath.

Woybff:Don't tell me.

Screwball:You want icecream don't you? *holds tub of icecream*

Woybff:What kind of icecream?

Screwball:Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla.


Screwball:*gives the tub*

Woybff:*starts eating*

Five minutes

Wander:*screams* Woybff!

Woybff:*smiles* Hi Wander.

Wander:Oh gosh! Are you okay?

Woybff:Don't worry Wander I'm happy now. *kisses Wander*

Wander:Do you have a belly ache from all that icecream?

Woybff:Oh. *feels her stomach in pain* *nods*

Wander:Who did this?

Woybff:*writes Screwball with a pencil on the floor*

Wander:You poor thing. *hugs Woybff* Do you feel better?

Woybff:Yes. I love you Wander.

Wander:I love you too. I'm sorry about that I lied to you about my name.

Woybff:That's okay just get Screwball.

Wander:Yes my daring. 

2 hours later

Wander:Screwball, I found you.

Screwball:Oh flarp she told you.

Wander:Yep. She has a belly ache. I told Sylvia to be by her side for the rest of the day.

Screwball:That's nothing you can do to stop me.

Rainbow Dash:We found you!

Cheese:Hi Wander lady!

Rainbow Dash:Stop now.

Screwball:I have a secret weapon.

Pinkie Pie:Hi Dashie. Nice to see ya, oh by the way me and Screwball have been dating and it is so magical.

Rainbow Dash:*throws up*

Cheese:*plays in the vomit* I'm swimming!

Screwball:That's the grossest thing I ever saw. So beat me and you hurt your friendship.

Rainbow Dash:Pinkie how much do you love this guy?

Pinkie:This much! *shows Rainbow a picture of the world*

Rainbow Dash:Flarp it. *flies away*


Wander:*throws Cheese at Screwball* I'm sorry Pinkie Pie.



Cheese:*pours some vomit on Screwball*


Pinkie:Lol, Wander.

Wander:How to get back to Woybff's castle?

Pinkie:I know.

Wander and Cheese:*on Pinkie*

Pinkie:*eats Screwball's rainbow icecream* *flies out rainbows*

Wander:This is awesome.


Cheese:I like rocks.

Wander:*just of at Woybff's castle* Bye Pinkie.

Pinkie:Bye, bye, Wander.

Cheese:Bye Wander lady.

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