The Forgiveness pt.1

Miss Krips:This day will be perfect.

Sway Sway:Oh hello, Krips.

Krips:Will you get out of my life!

Budece:After me show you your guest.

Coach Sliverswirl:Okay we need to find Woybff. She and her friends got kidnapped.

Krips:Why do you need me?

Sliverswirl:I thought you could help.

Krips:Fair point.

They walked to Woybff's castle.

Sliverswirl:This the note lifted by this guy called Screwball. *shows photo*

Krips:No wonder she's scared of clowns.

Moonbeam:Who are you guys?

Krips:We were teachers of Woybff before she came back to space.

Sliverswirl:Well I was her coach.

Moonbeam:Oh you. Stellar is dead.


Krips:You hate her too?


Krips:Woybff was always better.

Sliverswirl:True that.

Moonbeam:Oh no!

Screwball:*cackles* *takes Sliverswirl and Krips up on his ship*

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