The Blue Dog pt.1

Awesome:*knocks on the door*

Woybff:Hello. Go away.

Awesome:No please I bought you a monster car. Just don't tell Sylvia or your friends.

Woybff:Okay I'll tell my dad. *hops in*


Woybff:*doesn't hear Awesome* *drives to Harue's rocket, which was Woybff's old spaceship*

Harue:Woybff did Wander give you that?

Woybff:No Awesome.

Harue:That's cool.

Woybff:*drives away* *sings:Drive Away (x3)*

Sunil:Oh Wander look, Woybff has a monster truck.

Wander:Silly mon-

Woybff:*crashes monster truck* *falls on Woybff*

Wander:Woybff, where'd ya get that monster truck?

Woybff:Awesome gave it to me.

Wander:Maybe he's nice now.


Cilan:*hears from the wall* No, this all a trap. If he does it again I'll go in there Pansage.

Pansage:(That's right Cilan, protect Lunie.)

Sylvia:What's that?


Sylvia:*walks away*

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