The Commander

Peepers:thinks:Life for me is always the same at Hater's ship. At least I have someone. Woybff. Oh I'm going to her castle today. Wander and Sylvia will be gone. Well what I am waiting for. *runs to her castle*

Woybff:Hello Peepers.

Peepers:WoyBFF! Behind you! It's Bard!

Woybff:Holy crap! *runs out of the castle*

Peepers:Time to do something I should of did a long time ago. *get out of lazer gun* *walks to Bard* And don't you do that little "blah" stuff. I'm much older than Woybff.

Bard:Hater is nerd!



Awesome:*take puppet off*

Woybff:Baby! Baby!

Peepers:Woybff why are you teasing him?

Woybff:Let's see he teased you and Hater about being nerds. He's playing with a puppet, so I'm makin' revenge stew.

Awesome:*throws a box at Woybff* Have your pony junk.

Peepers:That's not My Little Pony?

Woybff:Knock-off. I not sure he can tell the different.

Peepers:Their eyes don't even look straight.

Awesome:*throws another box*

Peepers:The paint looks terrible.

Woybff:So many comma errors!

Awesome:Lol your nerd Woybff!

Woybff:No I'm smarter than you.

Awesome:*throws another box*

Peepers:Who is this? Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, or Twilight before she became a alicorn.

Awesome:Lol you know all names of the ponies. What the flarp is a alicorn?

Woybff:We don't have to tell you.

Awesome:*throws a box in Woybff's gut*

Woybff:Ow my tum-

Peepers:She was going to say gut, but you hit her so hard. We need five minutes in the castle.

  • In the castle*

Peepes:Woybff I'm scared that we gonna get bullied by Awesome.

Woybff:I can tell you so sweaty and the crown. *hands Peepers the crown*

Peepers:The red star really cracked. This that a symbol of me?


Peepers:*puts it by on Woybff's head* Let's go. *walks back outside with Woybff*

Awesome:*throws back at Peepers' head*

Woybff:Peepers? *starts crying*

  • red star starts to brake a part*

Peepers:*gets up* Stop it Awesome.

Woybff:*hugs Peepers*

  • yellow star connects with red star*
  • Shied glows around Woybff and Peepers like orbble* *shied is red and yellow*

Awesome:Whoa cool!

Shield:*rolls over Awesome* *shield brakes*

Woybff:*runs way with Peepers to the castle*

Peepers:Woybff thank you for saving me.

Woybff:*kisses Peepers*

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