Ellie Vs. Doll Eyes

Ellie:*tries to find Woybff*

Stars:*walks to Ellie with Woybff's crown* Woybff wanted you to have this. Her, Sunil, Sylvia and Wander are kidnapped. You should go to Lord Hater's ship and save him, Peepers and the other watchdogs. This crown is will help tell how the characters are feeling.

Ellie:Thank you friend of my sister. *walks out*

Stars:*thinks:She's Woybff's sister. Did Violet have her? She looks older than a couple days*

Lexy:Hater's ship is up there, Ellie.

Ellie:Can you help Ellie get up there?

Lexy:Sure I'll throw you up there. *throws Ellie on Hater's ship*

Ellie:Thank you.

Lexy:No problem.

Ellie:*knocks on ship*

Hater:Who is this?

Ellie:It's Ellie, Princess Woybff Stars' foster sister.

Hater:*opens mouth*

Ellie:*jumps on tongue and runs in* Hater?

Peepers:So why are you here?

Ellie:Ellie needs to save you guys from someone.

Peepers*thinks:Well she does have Woybff's crown.* Okay. Sir get down here!

Hater:So what do you need?

Peepers:Sir, Ellie told me someone coming to hurt us.

Hater:Yeah Wander and Sylvia.

Ellie:No Wander and Sylvia got kidnapped too.

Hater:I don't believe you!

Peepers:Sir, she's only eighteen months.

Ellie:Please believe Ellie. Woybff's friend gave me her crown.

Hater:Fine, I'm sorry.

Ellie:*hugs Hater*

Someone:*brakes in*

Peepers:Oh my grop she was right! Of course we believed ya.

Hater:How is that?

Ellie:It's a human.

Hater:That's right Ellie it's a human.

Ellie:*looks at the crown* *red star shaking* *thinks:Ellie needs to save Hater and Peepers* How are you? Ellie will bite you.

Doll Eyes:It's me Doll Eyes.

Ellie:Flash back:

Woybff:No you didn't get win.

Doll Eyes:Yes I did.

Woybff:*brakes Wander figure* *cries*

Sunil:Stay here Ellie. *runs to Doll Eyes* Hey kid you own Woybff ten dollars, Hasbro works hard to make those figrues for the princess.

Doll Eyes:She's not a princess. I don't own anything.

Sunil:This is her crown. It's magical. See how the yellow star is braking? You caused that by hurting Woybff's feelings. Doll Eyes, you better give me that ten bucks or her dad's gonna be-

Woybff:Don't say that word from Elf.

Sunil:What if I want too.

  • flash back stops*

Ellie:You kidnapped Mommy, Woybff and her friends. I will stop you!

Doll Eyes:Your just a baby.

Hater:Flarp you she are potential.

Peepers:Yeah beat her skinny body Ellie!

Doll Eyes:Is that Craig McCracken!

Ellie:*looks to the right* Uh Peepers where's that Craig guy Doll Eyes was talk- Oh.


Doll Eyes:*tickling Hater*

Ellie:*punches Doll Eyes*

Doll Eyes:What are you doing?

Ellie:Give me Mommy, give me Woybff, give me Sunil, give me Wander!

Doll Eyes:Never.

Ellie:thinks:What would Woybff do? *puts on her crown*

  • crown adds a lavender star below the yellow star*


Peepers:The lavender star!

Ellie:*looks at crown*

  • yellow, orange and blue stars braking*

Ellie:Mommy, Woybff, Wandie. *punches Doll Eyes*

Doll Eyes:Fool you can't beat me.

Ellie: Ellie here, Ellie's  never gonna yet you get Ellie out. 'Cause girls like you wanna hurt my sister.

Doll Eyes:*tries to punch her*

Ellie:*moves out the way* Punch if you wanna. Ellie's got Woybff's special crown. *blasts her magical*

Hater and Peepers:*hugs her so the power increases*

Ellie:Ellie will be here forever. With her friends and we'll always beat you. Ellie knows she's autistic.

  • power blasts*

Ellie:Ellie's almost done. Ellie knows you own her sister ten bucks. Ellie is mercy. Ellie is love. Woybff is determination. Ellie is also stronger than you!

Doll Eyes:I give up. You...

Black star:*is wet*

Ellie:Hater are you crying?

Hater:Tears of joy.

Doll Eyes:*lets Wander, Sylvia, Sunil and Woybff out*

Woybff:Thank Ellie. Omg a lavender star!

Ellie:Ellie saved you.

Woybff:I can tell Ellie. *hugs her*

Ellie:*hugs back*

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