The Hurt Heart

Moonbeam:*cries* Everyone bullies me!

Sunil:Well I can't do anything about this beep head.

Woybff:*looks in the mirror*

Sunil:I'll be right back Moonbeam I have to talk with your sister. *walks to Woybff* Hey Sweetie.

Woybff:I don't feel good today.

Sunil:You want to call a doctor? W

oybff:Not that kinda "don't feel good".

Sunil:Oh I'll get Wander?


Sunil:Alright go in your room and Moonbeam you come with her.


Sunil:Oh I wanted you to talk to Wander. *walks back slowly*

Moonbeam:Come Woybff.

Woybff:thinks:I'm trying every way to help her. Moonbeam is getting that mean temper I got, when I look at that. Now because of me she's getting hurt. *gets to the bed room with Moonbeam* *hugs her*

Moonbeam:What are you doing?

Woybff:Saying I'm sorry.

Moonbeam:For sorry?

Woybff:Showing you the wrong road.

Moonbeam:Y'know Woybff I maybe a crap head, but your flarpin' retard.

Woybff:Why would you say that we are sisters?

Moonbeam:Woybff times have changed.

Woybff:No it's just the year.

Moonbeam:You like the Muppets, Sylvia is your Foster Mom, Sunil is on the cliff of being kicked out of the main cast like Derpy, and Wander is being more like fighter. Just like you, you're changing most of all Woybff.

Woybff:Moonbeam, I'm still me. *smiles*

Moonbeam:No! You'd change since I met you. One minute you don't care about those stupid puppets, next you love them down right to tears. Until I'm not bullied anymore I'm gone. *kicks Woybff in the gut* *runs off*


Wander:*walks in* Woybff I thought you were more mature than that.

Woybff:Moonbeam kicked me in the gut and now she's gone.

Wander:*hugs her* Is there anything else you need another than talking about Moonbeam?

Woybff:Yeah. First I want to tell you someone bulling Moonbeam.


Woybff:Some guy that doesn't know dangers of lead. Wander:I see. Know what's the another thing?

Woybff:Can I write it out?

Wander:*hands Woybff paper and a pencil* *turns on classic music*

  • 20 minutes later*

Woybff:*hands it to Wander*

Wander:What the...*hugs Woybff* You should of told me this is how you feel.

Woybff:I wanted to Wander, but everyone wanted me to write this one episode or I forget to write it down.

Wander:I have a idea to love yourself again, like you wanted to since 365 days are less.

Woybff:Thanks Wander.

  • 5:00 PM*

Woybff:I can't wait for the dinner of my dreams, Wander.

Wander:Here are the three lucky guests the following: Stellar, Doll Eyes, and Gonzo. Stellar:*tries to kill Gonzo*

Gonzo:You'll never take me alive! *runs to sit by Woybff* Is this sit taken?

Woybff:I assume not.

Wander:I brought two people that cause those emotions inside of you, and one that is like you. Stellar, Woybff has said she'd never forget you for the way to treated her and hit Coach Sliverswril with a ball, "laughing at every one hit", Woybff wrote. How does that make you feel?

Stellar:I don't know.

Gonzo:*face palm*

Wander:How do you react to that Woybff?

Woybff:You'll full of crap.

Wander:Okay. Doll Eyes, Woybff wants everyone to see she is better than you in everyone. That one day you raced her and said you when she broken that toy of me. She never got her ten bucks. What's worst is one time Woybff want you to get out of that game of tag, Pinkie Pie wanted you guys to play and she got you out you quite. Doll Eyes how do you feel about that?

Doll Eyes:*doesn't tallk*

Gonzo:Well you say somethin' kid, do you want Woybff to be help who she is?

Woybff:Alright look Wander this isn't working! You get lost I want to kill you!

Stellar:You suck!

Woybff:I'm not gay! You get out of here before I punch you in the freakin' face and she won't love me more no!

Gonzo:Wander what should I do?

Wander:It has been something in these writings.

Moonbeam:*runs back in* CRAP!!!!! CRAP!!!!!

Someone:I want you out here s*** head.

Woybff:Holy grop it's him!

Bully:*wants in* Alright...

Stellar:*runs away*

Doll Eyes:What is that? *runs away*

Gonzo:I'll protect you and your sister. *walks up to bully*

Woybff:Gonzy no! He'll kill you!

Gonzo:Leave my friends alone!


Bully:No *****!

Gonzo:But I don't anything like that?

Woybff:I tried of you picking on are friends Thomas James! By the way Thomas is about racism. *pushes him out the house*

Thomas James:No!!!!!!!

Moonbeam:I'm sorry Woybff.

Woybff:Can you be friends with Gonzo?


Gonzo:That's great.

Cilan:What will I do with this food?!


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