The First Words

(the whole scene with black with Woybff floating)

Woybff:thinks:This is how I was. I knew it was just something I had to live forever. Now I here you can be cure by making babies. No matter what I did Sunil or Wander wanted to do it. I couldn't ask Gonzo. It would damage are relationship, plus that Camila would come after me, I should take that chance. *walks into a room*

Baby Woybff:*claps*

Woybff:Oh I walked into the past. I'm watching Elmo and my grandmother is reading the paper.

Grandpa Stars:Come Summer, I wanna show you the meat cows I made.

Grandma Stars:Carl! I'm watching Woybff.

Grandpa Stars:Fine.

Woybff:*walks of room* thinks:Where else I can go? *see one door* thinks:What do I have to lose? *walks in*

Wilt:Aren't you excited Woybff?

Young Woybff:*nods*

Bloo:This is going to be stupid.

Mac:Bloo, it's not. These are the Muppets.

Bloo:Still as stupid as Sesame Street.

Ed:Well did you know the some person who worked on the Muppets was on Sesame Street.

Mac:That's why Kermit is on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show.

Wilt, Bloo, Mac, Ed, Bubbles, and both Woybffs:*walk in*

Wilt, Bloo, Mac, Ed, Bubbles, and Young Woybff:*sit down*

Woybff:*watches Young Woybff* *falls asleep* *wakes up at Gonzo's act*

Kermit:Now the great Gonzo for are final act will go threw a flaming hoop on a motorcycle.

Gonzo:*jumps threw hoop* *smiles at Young Woybff, but she doesn't know*

Bloo:What a werido.

Mac:He is not a werido.

Bloo:You're right Mac, their all weridos.

Wilt:I'm sorry but that is not okay, Bloo.

Young Woybff:Go-

Bloo:That's right Woybff, Gonzo is a werido.

Bubbles:Is it just me or was Woybff's first word Gonzo?

Young Woybff:Gonzo, amazing.

Bubbles:*yells "yes"*

Kermit:What's going on back there?

Mac:I think are friend said her first words.

Kermit:What were they?

Wilt:"Gonzo" and "amazing".

Kermit:Oh bother.

Gonzo:*walks over* Kermit what's the matter?

Young Woybff:Gonzo! *points to Gonzo*


Mac:Thank you for jumping threw that hoop. Woybff can now talk.

Young Woybff:Where are we going next?

Bloo:Can we go some icecream place?

Mac:Yeah. It's go to Ice Queen.

Wilt:You can come too, Gonzo.

Gonzo:No thanks, but I'll be looking forward when I see Woybff again.

Woybff:*runs out of door* thinks:Should I die or stay? Since that I don't know. I have no clue. I pretty sure they miss me, but I really don't want to be autistic or myself for that matter.

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