The Avenge pt.2

Sylvia:I killed her at last.

Peepers:Sylvia, I need to tell you something.

Sylvia:Black Eye* is real. *laughs* not a chance.

Peepers:Screwball hurt Wander's feelings. We heard the whole thing. I guess he really does have a tummy ache after all.

Sylvia:Knew we never should of trusted him.

Peepers:You're smart Horse Mom.

Sylvia:Horse Mom?

Peepers:That's the nickname Woybff told me she came up about you before she died.

Sylvia:Do we get her back E-, I mean Commander Peepers.

Peepers:*thinks:She got my name right* I don't know still. I asked Twilight to help, but I got an idea now. We must put on classical music to free the soul back into the body. Sylvia:Alright let's get started.

  • Three hours later*

Peepers:Now she will write in the sky the nicknames of who she wants give her a hug.

Sylvia:Why not are real names?

Peepers:Because Screwball will stop who ever this called. It says "Horse Mom and Furry".

Sylvia:It's ever Elmo or Wander.

Peepers:My best bet is Wander.

Sylvia:Wander, get over here.

Wander:I'm sorry Sylon, I'm sad.

Sylvia:*walks in to Wander's room* What's wrong, buddy?

Wander:He broke me inside.

Sylvia:*hugs* Do you want Woybff to be gone?


Sylvia:Let's go. *runs with Wander to Woybff's body*

Wander and Sylvia:*hug her*

Woybff:*comes back to life* Hello Horse Mom. Hi Furry. Where's Daisy?

Wander:Who's Daisy?

  • Black Eye is the shipping of Peepers and Sylvia.

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