The Big Brother

Violet:Bye Woybff, I'll see on your birthday.

Woybff:Bye Mom. *throws up*

Finn:Do you have the Stomach Flu, sis?

Apollo:Last night she couldn't sleep because she ate something that disagreed with her at dinner.

Finn:That can happen, bro.

Violet:Bye boys.

Finn:Mom why did you tell them yes?

Violet:I thought they're good people.

Woybff:I asked the same thing.

Finn:You don't look so good Woybff. Still I can't wait to met Dad.

Woybff:He'll be surprised.

Gonzo:He sound surprised on the phone when Harue told me.

Finn:Who's this, sis?

Woybff:The Great Gonzo.

Finn:Oh yeah. How's your alien family, bro?

Gonzo:Frank Oz told me that was just a movie.

Finn:That sucks bro.

Gonzo:Jim even told Rowlf he wasn't a dog.

Finn:That's even flarpin' worst.

Woybff:I'm gonna lay down.

Finn:Kk, sis.

Gonzo:I can't wait until you meet my friends.

Finn:Are they ready dumb?

Gonzo:*shrugs* One didn't know who Charles Dickens is.


Harue:*knocks on the door*

Gonzo:That must be Mr.Stars.

Finn:No flarp, Gonzo the gross.

Gonzo:It's Gonzo the Great. I'm blue, and use to be purple. Not freakin' green!

Finn:Calm down bro. *opens the door*

Harue:*cries* My son...

Finn:I'm Finn, Finn Troy Stars.

Harue:*walks and hugs him*

Finn:*hugs back* How's it been?

Harue:That's the question I was gonna ask you, kid.

Finn:So what's her name give me to Mattel because their "good people".

Harue:She's terrible.

Finn:Why aren't you and her together.

Harue:I died, a mongoose brought me back to life. While I was died she met another man.

Finn:I see. They wanted to give this yellow paint. I refused. There was always these three flying girls that would check on me.

Harue:Hm. Go get the others. How are you?

Finn:Seventeen. Mom told me my birthday was May 27th.

Harue:Ain't that Jack's birthday?

Finn:I think that's a question for Woybff. *goes find the others*

Moonbeam:You're good at Outfall 4.

Apollo:Thanks Moonbeam.

Moonbeam:If we had a shipping what would it be called?

Apollo:Apollo 11. *laughs*

Finn:Dad wants to see ya.

Apollo and Moonbeam:*walks to see him*

Finn:*walks to Woybff* What's wrong?

Woybff:Nothing. I heard what you said.

Finn:Woybff? You can tell me anything?

Woybff:I scared of Screwball.

Finn:Tell me more.

Screwball:I'll stop Finn if it's the last thing I do.

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