The Cake pt.1

Stars:It's my birthday, Woybff. I invited everyone. Even iWander showed up.

iWander:Oh I thought Woybff got her hand stick in the ball room.

Jacob:*laughs* You said "ball".

iWander:Oh my grop this will be a long night.

Stars:Right about that iWander. The party don't end 'til midnight.

Woybff:I think her mother didn't give that task.

Stars:Oh she can leave at any time.

iWander:Thanks Woybff.

Woybff:No problem.

Phil:*walks to iWander* What's your name little girl?

Jacob:I saw iWander first flarp desser!

iWander:I'm going to go now.


iWander:If these zbornaks are checking me out. Don't worry I got my fanart. I working on about Woybff and Sylvia.

Woybff:I can't to see it iWander.

iWander:Yeah see ya guys later.

Woybff:Bye iWander.

iWander:*walks out*

Stars:Time for the cake.

Woybff:Does it have Red 40 in it? I wanna go off the walls.

Stars:Yep. That's what my mom told me. Woybff when's your birthday?

Woybff:You know March 3th.

Stars:I'm turning 14 this year.

Woybff:Yeah so is Moonbeam.

Stars:So you would be?

Woybff:Go ask Wander. *breaths*



Screwball:Oh yeah your not a Fraggle, but I bet I scared you silly.

Woybff:*hangs on to lights* Yeah.

Sylvia:*walks over* Okay Woybff jumping into my arms or landed on my belly, which to you prefer?

Woybff:I really don't want to hurt you. I'll landed in your arms. *jumps* *lands on Sylvia's arms*

Sylvia:It's alright Woybff. *hugs her* Never do that again.

Screwball:You're not her mom.

Sylvia:Foster mom, buster.

Screwball:Fine. *walks away*

Wander:The cake is out.

Sylvia, Woybff and Wander:*walk to the cake*

Woybff:*mouth drops*

Stars:I hope you like my Wander and Sylvia cake.

Woybff:thinks:Okay how do I get my tummy really upset? I wish I had that cake for my birthday. Harue didn't have enough money this year. At least Pinkie Pie is my favorite pony.

Sylvia:Don't you wanna a bite, Bff?

Woybff:Doesn't it have Red 40.

Sylvia:You're not allergic to it.

Woybff:If I am?

Sylvia:If Harue told me you weren't you can eat it. Here I got you piece. *gives to Woybff* I didn't get you one with me or Wander because you would feel like your eating us. It would be bad to your mental heath, hun.

Woybff:Oh thanks Syl.

(15 mintues later)

Little Bits and Screwball:*fighting*

Awesome:All you need is love.

Gil:I think he's gay guys.

Phil:He has a crush are sister.

Gil:Crap. Could be bi.

Dorothy:Stop talking about gays and bis and dance with me.

Awesome:I'll party with you.

Dorothy:*punches him in the gut* No way you'll being her step dad.

Woybff:*lays on the dance*

Sylvia:Woybff what's going on?

Woybff:Do you think Stars is going off?

Stars:Look at this Little Bits plushie.

Little Bits:I am the real Little Bits, birthday girl!

Sylvia:Maybe. That cake made everyone go wild but you and I.

Woybff:Wonder why?


Woybff:Can we leave even know it's 10:30.

Sylvia:Wander's having a blast.

Woybff:He's hitting Screwball with a bat.

Wander:This is for scaring the crap of Woybff! *hits him*


Sylvia:It's a blast Woybff.

Woybff:How do I do the Charleston again?

Sylvia:I really don't remenber.

(55 mintues of dancing later)

Wander:Can we go home.

Sylvia:What happen to you?

Wander:Screwball has the bat.

Sylvia:Wanna go home Woybff?


Sylvia:You don't look so good.

Woybff:*gets on Sylvia*

Wander:I'll go tell Stars. *walks to her*

Sylvia:*walks to Dorothy* We're leavin' Ma. Wander got hurt and Woybff doesn't look good.


Sylvia, Wander and Woybff:*leave*

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