The Question pt.1

Starlight:Stars, I need to tell you something from the botton of my heart.


Starlight:It's over. Woybff is much older than you are.


Starlight:It's hard to explain. *jumps out of her window* Good bye Stars. You never could get around you're head Woybff was autistic.

Stars:Come back, Brad!

Woybff:*eats a waffle*

Sylvia:Alright, Bff. *gives a nuggie*

Woybff:Stars is spamming me with pictures of the cake.

Sylvia:Good grop. I told ya I'd get ya a cake of Wander and I.

Wander:*wears tux* Hey Woyie can we talk to in quite?

Woybff:Of course.

Sylvia:*walks out*

Wander:*comes to Woybff* I have a question for you, but I would like to go out to dinner.


Starlight:Stop Wander!

Wander:Bradley I know you want her, I got this one.

Screwball:What about me?


Moonbeam:*sings:Never Gonna Give You Up*

Screwball:Works with me.

Wander:Let's go!

Woybff:I'm,right behind you.


Peepers:I am in to girls.

Sylvia:Why'd ya say that?

Peepers:People think I'm gay.


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