The Bear

Wander:*looks a a picture when Woybff was little* Thinks:Look how far you come. *hugs picture*


Wander:*looks at the clock* Thinks:Who would be at Woybff's castle at four in the afternoon. *opens it* Hello.

Bear:Hi there.

Wander:Oh your a bear...

Bear:*smells Wander* You smell amazing.

Wander:Really I haven't been in the shower today. I'm Wander.

Bear:I'm Bear.

Wander:Nice too met you. Why ya stop by?

Bear:Oh I'm here to visit the princess, Woybff.

Wander:When did you two met?

Bear:When she was three or I don't remember.

Wander:I met Woybff when she was in her teens.

Bear:How old is she now?



Wander:You're off.

Bear:How much.

Wander:*writes on paper*

Bear:Oh wonderful.

Wander:Come on in if you like.

Bear:*walks in*So I'm not too late.

Wander:*follows Bear* Late? Late for what?

Bear:When Woybff grows up. *sits on sofa*

Wander:Bear did ya know Woybff was-

Hater:*opens the door* Holy grop Peepers a bear!

Peepers:No need to panic sir.

Bear:Are they friends to the princess, Wander?

Wander:Yeah. They were gonna have dinner with us tonight.

Bear:I'm sorry Wander.

Wander:No please say.

Hater:So who is this guy? Does he take off planets?

Bear:No sir I live in a big blue house what more could I want.

Peepers:Okay sir, he's like Wander but taller and probably smarter.

Wander:His name is bear, and he likes to smell people...

Bear:I like more than that.

Sylvia:*walks down stairs* Wander what is a bear doing in are living room?

Wander:He came to visit Woybff.

Sylvia:Should I go get her?

Wander:Not now I have some question for the big guy.

Sylvia:Fine. *walks upstairs*

Wander:Okay Bear I just need to ask you a few questions, alrightly.

Bear:Okay Wander.

Wander:First here are the background checks.

Bear:Wander I'm a-

Wander:First do know who this guy is? *shows a picture of Screwball*

Bear:Oh him. Him. *frowns*

Wander:Everything okay? Hater, Peepers, leave.


Wander:Go upstairs and makes sure Moonbeam never steps a foot these stairs.

Bear:I'll tell you Wander. He came to my house and blasted everyone.

Wander:How are they doing?

Bear:Well, now there being watched by a kid named Steven.

Wander:Oh yeah they'll love him for sure. Next question, did you know Dora kidnapped Woybff, and secretly she would run away to Fosters?

Bear:I had no idea.

Wander:She moved their when she was nine with Dora knowing. She told her, "I'm not your daughter. I'm their little girl now, and you can't get me back." Next question, who would take Woybff to your house?

Bear:Most of that time that boy named Mac, sometimes Wilt.

Wander:Alright one more question. Did you know Wander was-

Cilan:*runs in Wander*

Wander:Is dinner ready?

Cilan:Sunil told me what you were going to say. I here to tell Woybff got her diagnosis at ten. If Dora didn't kidnapped her we know that at the age of three or four.

Bear:What's wrong does she have cancer?

Cilan:No. She is autistic.

Bear:Can someone explain that to me?

Wander:Autistic means she has Autism. Autism is a disorder that effects all childern with it in different ways. For Woybff it's loud noises effected her pretty bad.

Bear:She never liked it when I got out this Cotton Candy Marker. One day when she was ten in July she called me which is something she has a hard time doing because she was scared, and told me it was recalled. So I threw it out, and never told them what happen to it.

Wander:Also recalls is a special interest, Woybff has special interests in my shows, Henson's stuff, and other one. There is just so such more I could tell you.

Bear:I understand Woybff.

Moonbeam:*runs down stairs* A bear!

Finn:*takes her* Let's go find Apollo so we can play with him. *runs upstairs*

Wander:Those are her siding. Moonbeam was kidnapped, Finn was a slave, and Apollo was fine.



Bear:Wander did you know the story on how Woybff learn to use the toilet?

Wander:All I know is Coco taped her to a toilet, and Wilt was angry. Dora didn't know until five, so everyone time she'd put a diaper on her when she got to Fosters she change into underpants. This when on for about two years.

Bear:Where is Dora now?

Wander:I don't know jail. *laughs*

Woybff:*walks down stairs* Bear I heard your here.


Woybff:*walks to him* *tries to get her arms around him* *hugs him*

Bear:*hugs back*

Cilan:Dinner is-

Hater:Is Dinner ready.

Cilan:Yes Hater.

  • after dinner*

Bear:I guess I'll be on my way Woybff. You when getting bigger since I last seen you. Probably when you were just seven or nine. You seem to know your way around this big universe. And your father and Sylvia love you.

Wander:I didn't tell you that.

Bear:I called her dad on the way here. Also with a guy with Wander around it looks like to me you'll be a lovely Queen someday. *hugs her*

Woybff:*hugs back* Don't leave me.

Bear:I'll be back Woybff, I promise. *leaves*

Wander:And you got me and I love you too.

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