The Episode 4636.5

Wander:Come on guys.


Peepers:What are we watching?

Sylvia:Are we watching Buckie?

Wander:No Sylvia, were watching Sesame Street.

Hater:I'm out.

Wander:Please say, Hater.

Hater:Will that frog be on?

Wander:Let me ask Woybff. *runs to Woybff* Hey Sweetie.

Moonbeam:Hey Wander.

Wander:No Moonbeam, I was talking to Woybff.


Woybff:Yeah Wander.

Wander:Come here.

Woybff:*walks to Wander*


Wander:You stay out of this Moonbeam Fiona Stars.


Wander:Woybff would be upset. It's nothing bad..

Moonbeam:I always feel excluded when Woybff can't sorry me her stuff.

Wander:We wll tell you why in another day.


Wander:Okay does Disney still let him use Kermit?

Woybff:Yes, but not new shots.

Wander:Alright. *walks back* Hater I can't say for sure. They show old clips. *turns on the TV*

Murray:Welcome to Sesame Street; the world today is Annoyed.

Hater:I may like this.

Ernie:Good morning Bert.

Bert:Enrie it's the afternoon.

Enrie:Oh I accidentally deteled all your pigeon show records.

Bert:I was going to watch those some day, Enrie. I'm so annoyed with you.

Enrie:*talking to the views* Oh hi I didn't see you there. Bert is annoyed with me. I wonder why.

Bert:Because your messing everything up Enrie!

Enrie:You looked so angry Bert.

Bert:Do you understand my feelings about this?

Enrie:Sure Bert, you look so upset. I know. *walks to the kicthen* I have with me a banana for you.

Bert:Ya know I do feel kinda hungry.

Sylvia:How do they eat?

Peepers:You don't enough know how I eat.

Wander:Hater how do eat?

Hater:Like everyone less.

Enrie:No Bert, you have to stick it in your ear.

Bert:No th*anks Enrie. *walks into their bed room*

Enrie:*turns to the views* I guess he needs alone time.

Hater:That's just like Wander and I.

Sylvia:And we all can guess which is Wander.

Peepers:This isn't half bad.

Jack:Hi I'm Jack-

Wander:*pauses TV* I need to find Woybff. *walks to her* Woybff.

Woybff:What is it.

Wander:Jack's on Sesame Street.

Woybff:Cool.*walks in the room*


Jack:and I'm with Addy.

Hater:Is she new?


Woybff:She debuted in 2005.

Jack:When you get annoyed, you feel angry and upset.

Addy:Does anything make you annoyed Jack?

Jack:Well they are canceling the show I'm working on. I feel annoyed with that because I like working on it with my friend April.

Addy:I'm sorry. *hugs Jack*

Jack:It's okay. *hugs back*


Guy with a banjo:*sings Round your boat*

Murray:Hey kids. The letter of the day is W. Let's think of things that start with the letter W. Wagon, Watermelon, Wishes. Other word is Wander. Wander is actually a cartoon character on Disney's Wander Over Yonder. It is getting cancled without a third season.



Murray:That's where are number of the day comes in, it has a total of 79 episodes and 11 eleven shorts. So call Disney, and tell them Wander needs a third season. Also tell him Murray from Sesame Street since you. Now here's another good show that got canned, Elmo's World.

Peepers:I'm not running away.

Theme song:*plays*

Peepers:I can't talk it. *runs away

Hater:I don't like where is going.

Wander:It gets better.

Hater:Yeah you say that.

Elmo:Guess what Elmo is thinking about day.


Woybff:That was the first episode.

Sylvia:Oh my grop really?


  • door opens*

Louie (Elmo's dad):Elmo we gonna go.

Elmo:The doctor.

Sylvia:Peepers come back it's episode about Elmo going to the doctor.



Peepers:*comes back*

Elmo:Still why does Elmo have to go?

Louie:To make sure you are heathy.

Elmo:But obese hasn't Elmo get.

Sylvia and Peepers:*laughs*

Louie:And if you kept if the good work it will pay off.

Sylvia:*laughs* "It will pay off."

Elmo and Louie:*walk in*

Anything Muppet:Elmo it is time.

Louie:Do you think you can do this on your own?

Elmo:Yeah Elmo can. He just got a text on his i-pod from his mommy that Dorothy is imaging Elmo as a doctor.


Woybff:Elmo's fish.

Louie:You can do it Elmo.

Elmo:Yes Elmo can. *walks to a room*

  • five mintues of that later*

Elmo:Elmo feels so much better.

Louie:*talks to the views* Thank you for helping Elmo facing his fears.

Elmo:But the doctor ignored Elmo not to tought his ticklsh spots.

Louie:Wait what?

Dr.Screwball:*runs after Elmo and Louie*

Murray:Hello guys. This time I remenbered the letter of the day. It's W for Wander. The number of the day is 79, Have Wanderful day.

Dr,Screwball:*tickles Murray*

Murray:Stop it. I'm annoyed with you.

Wander:*turns off TV* Why




Woybff:Sesame Street?!

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