The Biggest Fan Forever



Woybff:I'm sad.

Wander:Go on a jog. It'll make you feel about what ever you sad about.

Woybff:Alright, Rarity are you coming?

Rarity:Of course dear.

30 minutes later

Rarity:She fainted from heat. I thought it would be a good idea to run.

Wander:I'm sorry Rarity, it's my faint. I forgot it was 90 degrees.

Rarity:I'm going to have chat with Sylvia.

Wander:*gets as wash cloth with cold water* *puts it on Woybff's head* Feel better?


Wander:I know Sylvia's thinking about going with Dominator, but I bet she'll stay.

Woybff:No Wander.  I'm worried that I'm not Woybff.

Wander:What do you mean?

Woybff:I'm not Wander Over Yonder's BIGGEST FAN FOREVER!!!

Wander:That's silly Woybff. You have a wand.

Woybff:*uses wand to bring Ryder*

Wander:You have a staff you like to hit Ryder with,

Woybff:*hits Ryder 20*


Woybff:*uses wand to sent Ryder back*

Wander:And you have your crown. *puts on Woybff's head* And when we killed Dominator you'll be queen. You have to pick a new princess.

Woybff:New princess?


Woybff:I will pick someone much great.

Wander:Like who?


Wander:You can't pick Wimberl, he is a boy. *hugs Woybff* You are so cute.

Woybff:*hugs back* You are right Wander. You are like my Commander Peepers. We are like Piggy and Kermit.

Wander:What about Ernie and Bert?

Woybff:Do you ship them?

Wander:I had no idea you felt that way about me,  Woybff. That makes you Wander Over Yonder's Biggest Fan Forever

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