The Weddiing Pt.1

  • Apollo's room*

Harue:Wake up Apollo. Octavia and I need to tell you something when you get down stairs.

Apollo:Alright. *gets up*

  • Moonbeam's room*

Wander:Wake up Moonbeam, your father has something to say.

  • Woybffs room*

Sunil:Get up! It's  May 30th!

Woybff:*runs around screaming*

  • Finn's room*

Sylvia:Wakey eggs 'n bacony.

Finn:What's up?

Sylvia:Harue wants to tell you guys some amazing news.

All but Sunil:*make it into the kitchen*

Harue:Your Aunt and I have something to say.

Octavia:We have been dating, and today were going to get married.


Harue:Don't even say it Apollo. We are making you the ring bear.

Woybff:Why not Wolf?

Octavia:He was the wedding bear at Violet and Vincent's wedding.

Harue:And Finn's going to be my best man.

Finn:Don't you have a brother.

Harue:No today I want you to feel speical. Your birthday is only  a month away.

Octavia:The flower will be Woybff.


Octavia:She has been doing a good job at times I have gone to check on her. The brides are Sylvia, Rarity, and Lizzy.

Woybff:Is Murray coming.

Octavia:Of course he is.

Harue:Who is Murray?

Sunil:*comes to the table* Harue, I know you don't like me, but I can I go to your wedding?


Sunil:*stands here*


Octavia:He said yes.


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