The Wedding Pt.3

  • in the sits*

Stars and Jacob:*waiting*

iWander:*draws a wedding picture*

Natalie:*fiting Pikachu's tax*

Zim:Come let's get on with it.

Pinkie Pie:*stomach growls* And I need that cake.

Zim:Did we have to car pool with her?!

Gonzo:Here we are Camila. *sits down*

Peepers:A wedding sure. I can't wait.

Hater:The reason I wanted to go was Lunie was the flower girl.

Ernie:I'm surprised. Bert wanted to come just for the cake.

Murray:Oh boy a wedding. I can't wait. Can you wait?


  • doors open*

Haure and Finn:*walks out*

Apollo:*walks out*

Woybff:*looks around*

Wander:You can do it, Woybff.

Woybff:*wailks out*


Octavia:*walks outs


Priest:Do you, Harue take Octavia?

Harue:I do.

Priest:And do you, Octavia take Haure?

Octavia:I do?

Priest:If anyone doesn't agree with this marriage please speak now or forever hold your peace. *waits a mintue* You may kiss the bride.

Harue:*kisses Octavia*

Sylvia:Do you think Woybff and Finn are sill my childern?

Wander:They are taking about it. Long as you stop bein' friends with Dominator.

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