The Bystander

Woybff:I really like your calves Natatile.

Natatile:Oh thanks Woybff.

Wander:*nurses one with a bottle* Yeah I LOVE them.

Natatile:I'm glad.

Gonzo:*with the chickens* You all are hot.

Zim:*walks other* What'd you say?

Gonzo:The legs, Zim.

Zim:*walks away* What a werido.

Gonzo:Thanks for the complement.

Zim:thinks:He is a mystery.

Pikachu:(Oh Camila, I can't find Gonzo.)



Camila:(Emperor Awesome, Pikachu he is an enemy of Woybff. He has a friend.)

Pikachu:(Looks like a bunch of balls.)


Pikachu:(No Camila. We gonna find Woybff.)

Moonbeam:*walks to them*Hey you guys looked shocked.

Sylvia:*walks by them* What's the problem?

Pikachu and Camila:*run away*

Moonbeam:Sylvia it's Emperor Awesome.

Sylvia:Oh grop. Let's find Woybff.

Wander:Let's go Woybff.

Woybff:Bye Nataile. *walks with Wander*

Camila:(Where's Gonzo?)

Gonzo:Here I am Camila.

Moonbeam:*runs to Woybff with Sylvia* We need to get out of here!

Camila, Gonzo, Woybff, Moonbeam, and Wander:*hops on Sylvia*

Sylvia:*runs* Grop he's still there Moonbeam.

Awesome:Hey doofus get your girlfriend off.

Wander:Which doofus?

Sylvia:Don't listen to him Wander.

Awesome:The one that tried to eat a tire.

Gonzo:That's me.

Awesome:Give me your fangirl.

Gonzo:The bird or the princess.

Awesome:The princess.

Woybff:*gives off* Why are you listening to him?

Gonzo:I don't want my feelings hurt again.

Awesome:*drags Woybff away*


Wander:What do you mean again?

Gonzo:One of the stars.



Wander:Oh that's makes a lot of sense.

Awesome:*throws Woybff into the mud* I brought the "princess". *laughs*

Woybff:What's going on?

All the background characters but one:*laughs*

Woybff:*sees Screwball crying*

Screwball:*looks away*

Woybff:*looks at Awesome*

Awesome:Yeah your so fat.

Woybff:That's not what Harue said.

Awesome:And news flash your dumb dad's not a doctor.

Sylvia:*hits Awesome* I'm not scared of you.

A Catepillar:*throws Sylvia to the castle with her body* Oh yeah your so stupid.

Woybff:Hey I reminder you from my childhood.

Catepillar:That's right I'm the Baby Einstein Catepillar.

Screwball:She knows you still are.

Awesome:Oh she is autistic.

Screwball:Does that even matter?

Awesome:What's it to you?

Screwball:Woybff may still be scared of me, but I still love her. I was once her doctor.

Awesome:You weren't a doctor.

Moonbeam:I helped him print out his degree.

Screwball:Stop it.

Awesome:You are an ugly girl too.

Background characters but Screwball:*leave*

Screwball:That's too far.


Screwball:You aren't the preacher. Your the real clown. Are you alright Princess Woybff?

Woybff:I want my friends.

Gonzo:*walks over* I should listened to you. *helps her up* Thank you, Dr.Jones. We have to go.

  • At the class*

Octavia:You have a healthy body weight, sweetie. I have some advice however. Don't do fun dip.

Woybff:Can do. *walks into room*

Wander:You're not fat. *gives her cake that says "Wander loves you".

Woybff:Give it to someone else. *cries*

  • 15 mintues later*

Bear:That's why you need to be you.

Woybff:Leave please. Thank.

Bear:What's wrong?

Woybff:I'm too old for you.

Bear:No your not.

Gonzo:Let me try. *walks in*

Bear:Okay. *walks out of her room*

Wander:*sits by the stairs*

Screwball:*tries to tickle Wander*

Wander:Don't tickle Wander.

Screwball:Did Bubbles die?

Wander:If you are talking about the powerpuff that I guess so.

Screwball:I'm talking to Woybff to make you happy.


Screwball:I won't tell her. *goes into her room* Gonzo I'd want to talk to her. *breaks tickle machine*

Gonzo:*walks out*

Screwball:Hey Woybff. Awesome isn't smart, like that eyeball guy.

Woybff:Commander Peepers?

Screwball:Yeah that guy.


Screwball:You're talent. You're so special. I been watching you my whole live. I love you, in a friend way.


Screwball:We can be friends.

Woybff:Sure. Don't tell Wander.

Screwball:I will fix your self-esteem.

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