The Yokai pt.1

Woybff:Why are you wanting me go to your ranch so much? *on the phone with Natalie*

Natalie:I thought you weren't busy.

Woybff:Dr.Octavia told me this stress is causing me to have tummy aches and heart burns.

Natalie:I'm sorry.

Woybff:It's not your faint.

Natalie:Hold please Woybff.

Woybff:Okay. thinks:Please tell me you leave to go to that secret planet.

Natalie:Something happening in the city of your planet.

Woybff:Which one?

Natalie:The one you live Princess Stars.

Woybff:Oh what's happen?

Natalie:A boy is in terrible pain.

Woybff:I'll check it out. Sylvia, Wander, we need to go to the city.

Wander:Which city?

Woybff:Nata, are you still on?

Natalie:Yep Bff.

Woybff:Which city? McCracken or Faust?


Woybff:Thanks. Goodbye. *gets on Sylvia*

Sylvia:*runs to Faust*

Officer:Poor boy.

Woybff:What happen here?

Officer:A killer in the streets and killed him with a knife.

Woybff:Who done it?

Officer:A girl with green skin. We took her away are she said, "It's easy being green."

Sylvia:So Lord Dominator did it?


Wander:What's the boy's name?

Officer:His name is Nate.

Wander:Poor boy.

Officer:They called him Nyate in Japan.

Sylvia:That infomation is useless.

Woybff:But Sylvia don't you want to be REALLY, REALLY smart like Peepers.

Sylvia:*rolls her eyes* We're going to get some cookies.

Wander:Cookies are a sometimes food, Syl.

Woybff:But sometimes is now.

Sylvia:Okay Wander and I are going to Wandy's; do you want anything?

Woybff:A cheeseburger with fries.

Wander:I'm so glad I got a fast food place named after me.

Woybff:Me too 'cause marketing makes us fat.

Sylvia:We'll met you by the dead body.

Wander:See ya Bff.

Woybff:Bye guys. *lays by Nate* You were probably cute. I wish Dominator didn't kill you.


Woybff:Who are you?

Whisper:I'm Whisper. I was Nate's best friend. I can't believe she killed him.

Woybff:Do you want to be my friend instead.

Whisper:Okay Princess I will.

Woybff:How did you know I was a Princess?

Whisper:Crown on your head. Everyone can see that honey. What is your name?


Whisper:This is have to do with your werid looking friends. Oh there they are.

Wander:What's that?

Whisper:I'm a Yokai.

Sylvia:Yokai? Well tell me your name.

Whisper:I'm Whisper.

Sylvia:Nice to met you Whisper.

Woybff:Can we kept him.

Whisper:Of course you all can help me out of this funk. Goodbye Nate. *cries* *hugs his dead body* *kisses his forehead* I will never forget you, master. He freed me.

Woybff:We can free you from the feels.

Whisper:Thank you.

The four:*walk home*

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