The letter

Woybff:*Finnish writing the letter* *Walks out of her room* Guys look at this.

Sylvia:You wrote a letter to Stellar?

Woybff:Yeah I just need some to send to her and secretly record her reading it or destroying it.

Sir Brad Starlight: *Brakes in the door*

Woybff:I will be helping you in your quest. Who's the letter to?


Brad:Gosh no I can't do that.

Derpy:So have you met Stellar, Bard Starlight?

Starlight:Yes, I was babysitting her. She kicked me in the balls, and ticked me into eating McDonald's food and licking her Mattel toys. Luckily I when to the doctor the next. He I was also going to die. They removed the lead in my body and said I babysit for her anymore and I glad.

Woybff:I so sorry Bard Starlight, if it makes you feel she hit me with a golf ball and called me names.

Bra d:Oh Woybff that's heart breaking. Hug me it's the least I can do.

Woybf:I thought were are enemy.

Brad: Well just to Wander and his horse.

Sylvia:I'm zbronak why can't you remember my name.

Brad:It's April right?

Sylvia:It's Sylvia.

Bard:Geez I'm sorry.

Wander:I guess me and Sylvia will take the letter.

Woybff:But who will watch us?

Wander:I know Bradley. I give 20-

Brad:I'll do it for free!

Wander:Okay bye.

  • black scene*

Wander:Here's Stellar house.

Sylvia:But how do we get in.

Wander:*Looks at Sylvia*

Sylvia:*Brakes down the door*

Stellar:What do you want?

Sylvia:*Hides under the table with the camera*

Wander:A letter from a...cloyed.

Stellar:I don't care. *Rips the letter*

Wander:*Starts reading the letter to her*

Stellar:*kicks Wander in the gut very hard*



Sylvia:Thinks:Well they all can't be perfect monuments. *Punches Stellar*


Sylvia:You think this is funny missy?

Stellar:I had a enough of you. *Punches Sylvia in the head*

Sylvia:*Wakes up in the hospital*


Sylvia:Wander I can't see you.

Wander:Oh no are you bind Sylvia what do you see?

Sylvia:I think I'm the the hospital.

Wander:Then you're fine. I'm in the bed next to you.

Sylvia:*Turns to Wander* Hey buddy has your gut?

Wander:Oh my belly has a big purple mark. *Shows Sylvia*

Sylvia:Oh that has to hurt, buddy.

Wander:I know that's I called a nurse to bring me a ice bag. The doctor said it would go away in a week.

Sylvia:I join Woybff into suing Stellar.

Brad, Woybff, Derpy, and Sunil walk in.

Woybff:Hi Wander and Sylvia sorry about that letter.

Sylvia:It's okay I wish I still have that camera. To see what happen.

Wander:Oh I still have it. *Hands her the camera*

Derpy:Sylvia I got you some Jelly fish pie.

Sylvia:Thanks Derpy.

Woybff:Wander here's a ice bag from a nurse. You what me to put on you're tummy?


Woybff:*Looks at Wander's stomach* OMG I so sorry I made you guys go there that was a mistake. *Lays the ice bag on Wander's stomach*

Wander:You can see to Bradley.

Sylvia:Wander, he doesn't to see that.

Brad:Bye guys. *Runs out of the room*

Wander:Can we play the tape now.


Video:Stellar:*rips the letter* Wander:*reads some of the letter* Stellar:*kicks Wander in the gut very hard* Wander:*cries* Stellar:*laughs* Sylvia:*Punches Stellar* Stellar:*laughs* Sylvia:You think this is funny missy. Stellar:I had enough of you. *Punches Sylvia in the head* Sylvia:*Faults* Wander:SYLVIA! Stellar:Shut up Wander:*Grads the camera and runs to the phone* *Calls someone on the phone* Craig:Hello you have called Craig McCracken's cell phone. You're phone call maybe on the answering message.  Wander:*Waits for Craig to pick up* Craig:Hello who is this? Wander:Craig it's me Wander. Craig:Oh hey Wander how's Sylvia, how's Woybff. Wander:Craig this emergency! Craig:What does Sylvia tell do in a emergency? Wander:Sylvia fault or die I didn't know what do. Craig:Okay I understand Wander all you have to do is- Stellar:*Punches Wander in the gut more* Craig:Wander, what's happening right now? Wander:A girl is punch me- Ow! In the belly. Craig:Okay Wander how far are you from Disney studios? Wander:I don't know. Craig: Okay uh..where are you? Wander:Some girl's house. Craig:Wander can get to that phone and call 911? Wander:I don't know Craig, I try to get to the phone. *Tries to move* Craig don't think I can move, 'cause my belly to sore. Craig:Oh Wander can call Woybff? Wander:Yeah, but she's a little nervous on the phone I'll give you the number to the ship, it's 9999. Craig:Okay Wander you feel comfortable if I hang up? Wander:It's fine. Craig:Bye them. Wander:Bye Craig. Craig:*Hangs up* Stellar:*Hits Wander in the gut again* Wander:Ow. Stellar:*Hits the camera*

Wander:So Woybff did I make your day when Craig called you?

Woybff:Sunil pick the phone.

Sunil:Yes, Craig is a very nice guy.

Here's the letter to Stellar.

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