The Bad Mood

Woybff:Hello people of Wally. I have some bad news. Sunily's show got can-caned. I can't believe it. Why Hasbro? I thought were allies. Poor Sunily!

People of Wally:*party*


Harue:*walks to Woybff* Y'know sweetie, Sunil was ugly thing that spamming Google+.

Woybff:But he was my ugly thing spamming Google+. *cries*

Kermit:*walks up* Lose the tail.

Woybff:I'm a human, Kermit. I wasn't born with a tail.

Harue:She may not get what your taking about.

Kermit:*talks like he is angry* Well I would explain to your daughter, but all these people are too loud! Will you all shut your little mouths!

People of Wally:*run to their cars*

Woybff:*runs way*

Harue:You scared her. Let me call Wander. *calls Wander*

Wander:Hey Harue.

Harue:Go find Woybff.

Wander:Can do Harue. *walks out of the booth* Woybff?

Woybff:*hugs Wander*

Wander:Kermit tell you to grow up in a not human way?


Wander:Don't worry.

  • 12 hours later*

Hater:Come here Tim Tim.

Capt. Tim:*comes to Hater*

Hater:Aw. *holds him*

Kermit:Do you know he's a spider trying to rip your face off?

Hater:Those are just love bits.

Kermit:*talks like eariler* He gonna flarpin' kill you!

Tim:*jumps on Kermit*

Kermit:Get off of me you, freak!

Hater:Tim stop. You tear him to pieces later.


Hater:Kermit did you by any chance wake up with a stomach ache?

Kermit:No why would I?

Hater:No reason. *walks out his room*

Kermit:This is your ship.

Hater:Oh yeah. Get off before you hurt us anymore.

Kermit:*walks out*

Hater:*calls Woybff* Hey Lunie, your stupid frog friend came in here, and told me Tim Tim was gonna kill me.

Woybff:Don't listen to him, he doesn't get the bond of you two. Like you don't get a frog and a pig use to dating.

Hater:Asked if he had a tummy ache? He said no, and he back way.

Woybff:That's good that Tim didn't do anything bad to Kermit.

Dr.Ivy:You caused a unexpected behavior, Mr.Hater.

Woybff:It's better than him walking in his room because-

Hater:Get out here, you'll make it worse.

Screwball:*jumps on Dr.Ivy* This is for support Autism Speaks. *hits her* *hits her again* That for not understanding Woybff.



Woybff:I'll talk to you later. *puts down phone* Screwball that was-

Kermit:*shouts* You just killed someone!

Screwball:*smiles* It wasn't you ex.

Kermit:Well I guess so. *shouts* But why?

Screwball:I found about Autism Speaks, Kermit. They are terrblie.

Kermit:*shouts at him* Why?! Why?!

Screwball:You need to feel. *shoots Tickle Machine at Kermit*


Screwball:You need that. You can thank me later.

Woybff:I hope he learned a lesson. *leaves Screwball*

  • a day later*

Kermit:I'm sorry.

Screwball:It's okay.

Woybff:Yeah..I forgive you.

Hater:I guess Tim and I do too. What's wrong Woybff?

Woybff:Stop them, Hater.


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