The Tummy Ache

Sylvia:Bff wanna go see Natalie's cows at the fair with us, Gonzo, and Camila.

Woybff:No thanks I feel like I gonna throw up.

Wander:So you basically have a tummy ache?

Woybff:Yes in a way.

Sylvia:*sits by Woybff* Do you need me to say?

Woybff:You can go.

Wander:I hope you feel better Woybff.

Gonzo:Yeah get better Woybff, Natalie will understand. *leaves with Camila, Sylvia and Wander*

Woybff:*runs to the bathroom*


Woybff:*throws up*

Cilan:I'll get Octavia. *runs up stairs* Octavia!


Cilan:Woybff is throwing up.

Octavia:*runs down stairs* *runs to Woybff* Are you okay?

Woybff:I told Sylvia I had to throw up, so she let me say here.

Octavia:I'll call Sylvia right now.

Woybff:No they need to say for Natalie.

Octavia:You need help.

Woybff:No they need her.

Octavia:You need them more.

Woybff:I got you and everyone else. *goes on the computer*

Octavia:What are you doing?

Woybff:Looking up recalls for food.


Woybff:It must been something I ate.

Octavia:I will check you, so you won't see one that makes you go crazy.

Woybff:How do you know about that?

Octavia:Let's see Sunil told me, Harue told me, Sylvia told me, Fluttershy told me, and Voliet told me. Get off.

Woybff:*gets off*

Octavia:I'll check a look-see.

Woybff:I'm fine it's the food I ate.

Octavia:Don't you want to check for you sure.

Woybff:*rolls chair 180 degrees to where she sees Octavia* Well what are you going to do?

Octavia:I'm gonna check your tummy of course.

Woybff:M-my tummy.

Octavia:Woybff we been with this before with the cake.

Woybff:I didn't throw up that time.

Octavia:You can trust me. Your father does after all, and both your foster and birth mother do too.

Woybff:What about yourself?

Octavia:Of course sill-

Woybff:Don't call me silly. I am smart.

Octavia:You can be both. Do you want me to exam your tummy now?

Woybff:Sure. I am little nerveous about it.

Octavia:I'm a doctor.

Woybff:Even worst.

Octavia:We'll go up into your room.

Woybff:I change my mind.

Octavia:Please Woybff. I'm not like those terrblie people in your past. I know want you been threw. You were kidnapped by Dora. Wilt saved you when you were three. They couldn't find your parents. You met Flapjack.

Woybff:Okay you know me.

Octavia:Let's go,

  • in room*



Octavia:*feels Woybff's tummy* Of course. It's stress. Were you stressed about going to the fair?

Woybff:Yes it feels like she wants me to do everything. I'm only one person.


Woybff:*runs to get* *opens it* Flapjack!

Flapjack:Woybff you live here?

Woybff:Stay Flap?

Flapjack:I'll say with you Woybff.

Wander, Sylvia, Gonzo, and Camila:*came back*

Sylvia:We came back because you threw up.

Wander:Who are you?

Flapjack:I'm Flapjack. Woybffs friend.

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