The Cool Down

Wander:Let's turn on your music. *plays The Four Season Winter Movement 2* Here's some Apple Juice. *gives her the cup*

Woybff:*drinks some of it*

Wander:And here's a towel. *puts it around Woybff*

Someone:*knocks on the door*

Wander:I'll get it. You say here. When I get I'll put some fuzzy socks on those cute feet and toes. *walks out*

Woybff:*thinks* Are feet look alike.

Wander:Natalie go home. Wander's is it recovery from her meltdown and going insane.

Natalie:When did the meltdown start?

Wander:She was cryin' 'cause she thought it was stupid to freak out that.

Natalie:Can I talk to her. I'm her better friend.

Wander:Sylvia wouldn't say yes because of when she threw up.

Natalie:Why did she?

Wander:You been making her feel uneasy because of everything you wanted her to do. Even had a night terror two weeks ago almost. I remember it.

  • flash back*

Woybff:I'll kill you Dominator!!

Wander:*gets up* *walks into her bed room*

Sylvia:I'm coming too. *walks in*


Woybff:Fix Felix!

Wander:*drags Woybff out of her bed*

Woybff:What are you doing Fleix?

Wander:*kisses her*

Woybff:What happen?

Wander:You had a night terror.

Woybff:But I'm-

Sylvia:We know you are to old to have night terrors.

Woybff:I'm sorry. *gets back in bed*'

  • flash back over*

Natalie:Holy crap.

Wander:Octavia said these are unheathy relationships.

Natalie:I see. Can I speak with her.

Wander:*face palm* No.


Wander:You're eighteen, I told you about the night terrors and some other stuff. Woybff needs alone time. I gonna get her comfortable and loved. Someday you are going to see why. *walks in her room* *puts on socks for Woybff*

  • music is playing Concerto in C Major RV537 Third Movement*

Natalie:I don't care anymore.

Woybff:*hides the music box*

Natalie:What is their classical music?




Wander:Get out. Look what you did.

Natalie:I'm not the bad guy.

Wander:Go please.


Woybff:*gets out music box* I never want her to know that I love this.

Wander:I hope you don't think badly of her.

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