The Broken Princess pt.1

Andy:*opens the door*

Natalie:Please forgive me.

Andy:Well I got beat up by the sweetest girl in the universe because I was talking bad about her special interest.

Natalie:What's that?

Andy:Woybff doesn't want me to tell you. Come in.

Natalie:*walks in* Holy crap what happen here?

Andy:Woybff kinda died.


Andy:Well Disney kinda kill her by saying "series finale".

Natalie:I can see her.

Andy:No because of you that school may not let her go there I am scared that will happen.

Wander:*walks downstairs*

Natalie:Wander forgive me!

Wander:I'm sorry Woybff is died, and my TV show is gone with her. Somebody forgot it's Woybff galaxy.

Natalie:No it's your galaxy. If you move with me you'll never see her again.

Wander:No thanks. I love Woybff.

Natalie:Will Sylvia forgive me.

Wander:This drawing can answer your question. *shows Natalie a drawing of Woybff killing her bunny*


Wander:We called her Great Grandma Luna. She has no idea what to do about this. Or Violet, or Harue, or Octavia, or-

Natalie:I get it.

Andy:You do. Good.

Wander:I need to click on Woybff.

Natalie:Alright. How are things going with-?

Andy:She broke up with me after the news report.

The Broken Princess pt.2

Wander:*runs down stairs* She's not moving. I told Sylvia. I'm not sure if she knows what she is doing.

Dominator:*crashes into Woybff's house*

Wander:Not you.

Dominator:I'm back. Where is that stupid thing?


Dominator:That fat thing?

Screwball:Hey Wander I helped Woybff in away.


Woybff:*runs down stairs* Dominator, God give me this tum-

Dominator:Shut up.

Woybff:If God wanted to be silent he would. Would you want to learn about the man that died for everyone on Earth?

Screwball:I do! Isn't that the man called Jesus?

Wander:Yes I think.


Woybff:I'm going to read the whole bible out loud.

Natalie:Do it Woybff.

Screwball:Let me say it. Do it Woybff!

Woybff:Sure. *reads whole bible in half a day*

Dominator:That was lame.

Screwball:Dominator I loved reading about all is.

Wander:So you are going to be a good christian and donate to the poor, instead tickling the poor?

Screwball:I still thinking Wander.

Woybff:Whatever happens Dominator I hope you lose. *gives Dominator the middle finger*


Wander:No puddin' for a week.

Woybff:*laughs her head off*

Dominator:Your stupid.

Woybff:No your stupid, witch. You eat kids' hearts.

Dominator:No I don't.

Woybff:*throws her one of her planets on Dominator*

Dominator:*sneezes like crazy*

Screwball:*blasts her with tickle machine*

Wander:*throws her out*

Woybff:You two just worked together.

Screwball:That's right Wander we died. Wanna give the galaxy together.

Wander:Everyone else with fight with us?



Natalie:Are we friends Woybff?

Woybff:*shows Natalie* My bunny is dead I murdered her before she murdered me.


Screwball:That doesn't look good.

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