The Diesel

Sylvia:*walks into castle* I'm glad you were on that date with us. When you told Rainbow Strike to throw bread at Awesome that was funny.

Woybff:Your calling me silly, Syl?

Sylvia:No I'm saying that's pretty clever. They had to kick Awesome out, even know he didn't do anything.

Woybff:My new bed should be here Sylvia.

Sylvia:You wanna see it.

Woybff:Hey I hear the phone.

Sunil:I'll get it. *grads it* Hello? I'm sorry we can't. Disney canceled WOY. No I am Sunil, Natalie. The princess wasn't born in India like me. Look she is having fun watching trains to some stuff, I think it's nice and won't kill her. *hangs up* That was Natalie, she wants us to go to Disney World.

Woybff:No, I want to go to Thomas Land.

Sylvia:I'm not surprised.

Wander:Hey guys I need to go outside to water the flowers. *walks with a water can* Fluttershy? Do you want to water the flowers with me?

Someone:*pitches her neck off*

Wander:FLUTTERSHY!!! *runs over* It's just a bush?


Wander:Who the grop do you think you are messing with my emotions?

Diesel Ten:Oh I'm Diesel Ten.

Wander:I have remember heard of you.

Diesel Ten:Run little boy.

Wander:*runs into the house*

Sylvia:Wander what happened?


Woybff:Is Screwball out there?


Sunil:What's the matter Wander? It's not like there's a dragon or an elephant out there.

Woybff:Or bees.

Diesel Ten:Let me in.


Sunil:*screams* Where the flarp did you come from?

Zim:Oh guess what got renewed.

Natalie:Can I move in?

Woybff:We are in a pickle here.

Pikachu:(No we're in a house.)

Diesel Ten:Let me in!


Sunil, Wander, Woybff and Sylvia:NATALIE NO!!

Zim:Natalie if they don't what you to open the door for a reason, it must be a good reason. What if it's Gir?

Natalie:You all are being silly. *opens the door* It's just Dr.Screw- *sees who it is* *screams* *runs off*

Zim:I'll go get here. Come on Pikachu.

Pikachu:*follows Zim*


Diesel Ten:Who wants to meet Pinchy first?

Wander:I will where is he?

Disesel Ten:Right here. *moves his claw*

Wander:*screams* *holds his hat to cover his face*

Sylvia:*puts him up* We just can't throw bread.

Sunil:Yes he'll eat it too.

Diesel Ten:*laughs* You're such a fool.

Sunil:I'm not the fan in this house!

Wander:Please stop scaring us.

Diesel Ten:But Scaring is caring.

Woybff:I think you are thinking of Sharing is caring.

Diesel Ten:Oh I'm sorry you must like the steamies.

Woybff:Yep. I love the steamies.

Diesel Ten:*pitches Woybff in the stomach*

Woybff:It's like he knew. *cries*

Wander:Get out of this house! I am like steamies.

Sunil:I do too.

Sylvia:I really don't give a crap.

Diesel Ten:I'm never leaving.

Rainbow Strike:I don't know who you are, but stop missing with my girl friend and her friends.

Diesel Ten:Oh I see. You want Lady, she's trapped with her other steamies.

Woybff:*face palm*

Rainbow Strike:*throws Diesel Ten far away* Never come back.

Wander:I tried to put my foot down.

Rainbow Strike:I'm sorry.

Wander:It's alright.

Sunil:*gets the phone* Hello. You couldn't take him down Natalie. You would die. Well Woybff in great pain. *remembers Woybff* *hangs up*

Sylvia:You okay?

Woybff:Get Octavia. *kisses Wander*


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