The Room

Sylvia:Woybff your new coach this year is coming over to meet you and Moonbeam.

Woybff:What's her name?

Sylvia:Coach Frost.

Woybff:That sounds cute.

Moonbeam:What's this room?

Woybff:Oh grop. *runs upstairs* Stop it Moonbeam! This room will be blocked off when Frost comes back.

Moonbeam:Who's that?

Woybff:The coach of the new school were going to.

Moonbeam:I can't wait to meet her.

Sylvia:I'm coming.

Moonbeam:That must be her. *runs down stairs*



Woybff:Block this room from Moonbeam. I can't let  her in there.

Sunil:Yes, we wouldn't want her too know your secret.

Minka:What secret.?

Woybff:I will tell you later. *walks down stairs*

Coach Frost:Hello Woybff.

Sylvia:Where have you been?

Woybff:Oh I was talking to Sunil.

Sylvia:That's nice.

Moonbeam:I'm mad at my sister Coach Frost.

Coach Frost:She seems pretty nice. Was because if she was little. I can understand I work out with her mother.

Moonbeam:No she's hiding something from me.

Coach Frost:It's not nice to kept secrets from your family.

Sylvia:I know the secret, it's no really a big deal. My boyfriend knows, he saved us from someone part of the secret.

Coach Frost:I know you have Autism, Woybff is that it?

Sylvia:No we all that, but this girl named Priscilla.

Coach Frost:I think that girl is coming to that school.


Moonbeam:You can tell me Woybff.

Coach Frost:I wouldn't tell anyone.

Woybff:Moonbeam and Finn will think I'm drugged up.

Moonbeam:No we wouldn't.

Woybff:Mum-I mean Mom knows, and I won't call her. She is having fun with her children on holi-I mean vacation.

Sylvia:I think Woybff is stressed out. I think we need a mintue. *walks upstairs with Woybff*

Moonbeam:Let's go in the room Woybff doesn't want us to go in.

Coach Frost:Woybff said no.

Moonbeam:Come on she's pretty hiding drugs or Bootyos.

Coach Frost:What are Bootyos?

Moonbeam:The tag team champion's central of WWE.

Coach Frost:Okay. *walks up with Moonbeam* *gets to the room*

Sunil:Stop it. Woybff wanted to block this door.

Moonbeam:Come on I wanna eat Woybff's bootyos.

Sunil:There are none of those here. Just a desire to create stories to fix her childhood. Do you all know how hard it is for Woybff to control various emotions . Here she can be free with us from all her pain and past life of two to three years ago when she knew what happen. She can create the stories her heart, and no one could judge. When Woybff reads them to Sylvia, Sylvia's face lights up. Even if she hates this show. We are happy with the spin Woybff has made on it. Without this there is not way for Woybff to show her past pain. She can get out in here. She is doing very well. We would of never dream of this room. I kinda pride.

Moonbeam:*kickes Sunil in the stomach and grads his tail*

Sunil:*starts crying*

Moonbeam:*throws Sunil into Octavia's office* *opens the door*

Coach Frost: Holy cats.

Moonbeam:I had no clue Woybff liked trains.

Woybff:*walks in* I'm sorry Moonbeam that like Thomas.

Moonbeam:It's alright. Don't lick the paint.

Woybff:*laughs* Oh I'm not four years old like everyone says.

Coach Frost:I won't tell anyone. Else you wanted to to. I recall on the phone Wander told me, you hated it when teachers embarrass you about your loved fandoms. I also won't bright it up.

Woybff:Thank you so much.

Sunil:Come on Lady we need to run away from- *fails down*

Woybff:He has general anxiety disorder.

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