The Return of Diesel Ten

Sunil:I wonder which on these Thomas trains Woybff would like?

Celestia:None of them.

Sunil:You are smart, Princess, but Woybff knows Mattel makes there toys.

Celestia:*laughs* You silly mongoose, they're all knockoffs.

Sunil:Holy grop!!

Celestia:That's right your in a knockoff ToysRUs. *laughs*

Sunil:Why are you buying fakies?

Celestia:For Luna to destroy them.

Sunil:Thanks Princess. *walks to the end*


Sunil:Aw what's wrong Peri?

Periwinkle:There's a scary monster outside.

Little Bits:Please save us.

Sunil:Alright. *gulps* *walks outside*

Diesel Ten:Hello Percy.

Sunil:No I'm Sunil.

Diesel Ten:Oh yeah, Hello Sunil.

Sunil:*screams* *runs away*

Diesel Ten:Wait I just want to pinch you,

Sunil:No and you don't have a brother named Mac.

Diesel Ten:What does it matter?

Mac:Sunil come with me.

Sunil:Alright. *runs with Mac*

Diesel Ten:Pinchy's gonna come after you too little boy.

Mac:Hey I maybe little but I have a TV show.

Woybff and Rainbow Strike:*come*

Woybff:Thanks for coming with me.

Rainbow Strike:I wish Sylvia could come and watch me fight.

Woybff:Well I gonna stop that knock off store. *walks into the store*

Sunil:Who told you to save me?

Rainbow Strike:Oh a little blue troublemaker called. *starts beating up Diesel Ten*

Bloo:*walks from the shadows* Hey Mac.

Mac:Where were you?

Bloo:Calling Woybff about Diesel....Nine and this knockoff toy store.

Sunil:It's Diesel Ten. I wouldn't be happy that poor Rainbow Strike has to fight that thing all by himself.

Rainbow Strike:Let me go! I was only fighting you to show off to Sylvia.

Woybff:*walks out* Well that takes care that.

Little Bits:I told you they were still out there.

Periwinkle:What can we do?

Woybff:I always carry my wand. *uses wand on Diesel Ten* Holy crap it did nothing.

Diesel Ten:*crackles*


Diesel Ten:Aw are you gonna cry to your Horse Mommy and that furball,

Rainbow Strike:*punches him*

Woybff:*cries* It's not like that.

Diesel Ten:It's like yesterday you discovered this recall, now you love them all again. Who the flarp are you? Are you in your teens? Or are you just a baby?And your Horse Mommy is supporting you on this. Everyone is supporting you. Someday you won't have any support. When your friends see you, you are Woybff. When I see you, I see a scary cat. When all those smart people see you, all they see is your autism.

Rainbow Strike:No Peepers doesn't. Everyone sees her as a kind girl. Leave her alone.

Diesel Ten:No. I'm Diesel Ten, and I can do whatever I want.

Woybff:*stops crying* I can be brave, I'm just more fearful in life.

Diesel Ten:Maybe your parents should of thought about having childern.

Woybff:Maybe they should of, but maybe if I wasn't I couldn't of met the trains whom I could relate to.

Sunil:It's to be scared, like ghosts, dragons, and Jack Frost.

Rainbow Strike:And I remember one episode I had to with a elephant.

Little Bits:And I could be you or anyone here, but the boss would be happy if I was myself.

Periwinkle:If you hate something like the color pink, other my adore that your pink.

Mac:And we should ask about things that we are scared of or things will be worse.

Bloo:Something, something.



Diesel Ten:*drops Rainbow Strike* You all are so silly, don't learn from those stupid steamies.

Little Bits:Yes we win this battle for being like Wander. *crackles*


Rainbow Strike:Sylvia would be proud.

Sunil:I have one question. Why does he knows your autistic?


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